The Media Is Really Starting to Hate on Joe Solmonese. Who Will Defend Him?


When Andrew Sullivan merely “suggested” Joe Solmonese resign as the president of the Human Rights Campaign, do you know how that made Joe feel? Neither do we! Because when he went on a satellite radio show yesterday to defend himself, he repeated the same talking points we’ve heard 100 times before.

As Barack Obama‘s lapdog, it’s Joe’s job to come to the White House’s defense. That’s what Joe has been doing since Obama addressed HRC’s annual dinner on Saturday. Appearing on Michelangelo Signorile’s show Wednesday, Solmonese found himself in unfriendly territory:

Signorile took Solmonese to task for his laudatory attitude toward President Barack Obama, who gave a long-awaited speech to attendees of the HRC annual fund-raiser on the eve of the National March for Equality in Washington, D.C. While Obama did repeat that he is in favor of repealing the military’s ban on openly gay service members, “nothing new” was said, Signorile pointed out.

“Obama reiterated that he’s working with military leadership and Congress, that he’s working to overturn ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,'” Solmonese said. “No matter what bill goes we want to make law, it still has to go through the same process.”

He added that he had worked alongside members of Congress like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who insisted that in order for hate-crimes legislation to pass by October, it had to be attached to the Department of Defense spending bill. Other pieces of legislation, which must be passed legislatively, would have to use the same strategy to pass, he said.

Solmonese was also asked about a letter sent to HRC members earlier this week, saying that people cannot assess Obama’s track record on gay rights until his administration is over in 2012, or possibly 2017.

“What I was trying to say is that 2017 is a jarring number, it’s so far down the road, but in the context of our movement, its a narrow window…maybe it’ll be 2012,” he said.

(UPDATE: Audio of the interview here.)

Why, oh why, does Joe keep doing this to himself? Signorile has been slamming Solmonese for years. To his face. On his own radio show, even! In 2007, Signorile went after him for HRC’s flip-flopping on ENDA. And back when Joe rebuffed claims that he had a secret arrangement with Obama to punt on certain gay rights legislation, Signorile was there with his own proof Joe was lying.

Joe may think he represents the entire LGBT community, but it’s clear he doesn’t represent the entire LGBT media.

So we’ve got Signorile, Sullivan, and this website pointing out Joe’s obvious flaws. Even CNN is getting in on the action now. How long before anytime that anyone covering the Gs mentions Joe’s name, it’ll be in a vociferous negative tone?

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