The Most Erotic Andrew Christian Moments Of The Year

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2015 has been a good year for Andrew Christian Models. And in turn, it’s been a great year for those of us who are into those strange but bizarrely hot “product demo” videos. Because what better way to sell underwear than by creating a hedonistic promised land where life is an eternal underwear party three cocktails away from becoming an orgy?

And now with this handy quiz you can keep living the fantasy and test your knowledge of Trophy Boy crotches (and get some discount undies in the process).

Realistic? Of course not. Fun? Absolutely.

So slide into your favorite elastic waistband and get ready to plunge into the hottest Andrew Christian uploads of 2015…

5. When they went for the gold


Watching gold paint made to look like molten lava dribble down a nude model’s insane body is irrefutably hot as hell. So who cares that this would be a logistical mess IRL?


It’s like Eyes Wide Shut meets Bel Ami, and we’re perfectly content to join the party from behind a computer screen. So much less cleanup that way.

Watch below (NSFW):

4. When they upgraded to BLACK

Model Arad looks great in a suit.


But he looks even better out of a suit, especially in AC’s latest Black Collection.


He’s serving executive realness, and we really can’t look away. When can we upgrade to Arad?

Watch below (NSFW):

3. When they got real

What does one of the most successful gay underwear brands do to celebrate Pride? The obvious answer is “what they’ve been doing” and showcase a bunch of nearly naked guys in all their rainbow glory.


But for Pride 2015 they decided to take things in an arguably sexier direction — by sharing their truth. That’s right, even underwear models have feelings too, and getting to know some of these hot, young men gave us a heart-on.

Watch below:

2. Selfie sticks

Those glossy videos are always hot, but there’s something extra intimate about seeing a guy stripped down to his skivvies away from the professional lighting and camera crew.

On their Facebook page, Andrew Christian does their fans a (rock) solid by sharing selfies of guys modeling the goods.

Here are some of our favorites of the year:










1. When they got competitive 

There’s nothing like a little male aggression to get us in the sporting mood, especially during the hot summer months.


When these guys suited up (and quickly suited down), we immediately starting breathing a little heavier.


We think it’s a tie. Overtime?

Watch below:

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