Self-Hatin' Homo?

The Most Frightening Thing About Michael Musto’s 62 Reasons to Hate Being Gay Is Some Thought He Was Serious

Village Voice columnist and New York queer scene staple, Michael Musto, has penned a 2nd-person gay shame manifesto in which he regurgitates gay stereotypes. Here we imagine how we would debunk some of this rhetoric, given the chance to meet the fabulous Ms. Musto:

Michael: “You strangely turned off to Gaga the day she released a song about how great gays are.”

Queerty: Actually, it was the whole meat dress as a metaphor for DADT that turned us off.

Michael: “You spend half the day Photoshopping your Manhunt photos and the other half adjusting the lighting in your apartment so it’ll match when they show up.”

Response: Is Manhunt like Grindr but for guys with Hotmail accounts?

Michael: “All cute gay guys somehow know they’re cute.”

Queerty: Why, thank you!

Michael: “You actually worked out a way to get college credit for fluffing gift bags for charity events.”

Queerty: Are you talking about GLAAD Awards?

Musto, tongue permanently fixed in cheek, dumbs down gay culture to the point of self-ridicule. So if you think Michael is being serious and you’re getting all defensive, Google “facetious.” And if you think his piece is “funny-cause-it’s-true,” then we’re sorry but you’re a giant, walking, gay stereotype.