The Not Great Debates
Wow. What an unbelievable shit show ABC aired last night.

We’re talking, of course, about the Democratic Debates in Pennsylvania. Host Charlie Gibson talked up the event in his introduction, highlighting the city’s resounding history. Too bad Gibson and cohost George Stephanopoulos couldn’t think of anything historic to discuss. Rather than ironing out the issues ahead of the April 22nd primary vote, the ABC news men stuck to past scandals, readdressing Jeremiah Wright, Hillary Clinton‘s Bosnia trip and why Barack Obama doesn’t wear a flag pin.

It wasn’t until over an hour into the overhyped event that we actually got to hear about real issues, like Iraq and capital gain reform. By this point, however, we’d already zoned out and could only wonder, “Why are we watching this shit?”

While we deride ABC for their lackluster showing, we were intrigued by Hillary Clinton’s Bosnia defense, in which she kind of, sort of admitted to lying (she, naturally, phrased it more politically). The Senator also mentioned that she apologized for claiming she came under sniper fire, but we don’t recall that ever happening. Whatever, she was probably just dumbstruck by the shear inanity of last night’s event.