The Penthouse Club Waitress Suing Because Her Female Manager Wanted to Perform Girl-on-Girl for Customers

Lourdes Garcia, a former waitress at the Penthouse Executive Club in New York, is suing her old employer. Because, she claims, her female boss made inappropriate come-ons. “A former cocktail waitress at the Penthouse Executive Club has filed a lawsuit claiming she was fired in December after complaining about come-ons by bosses of both sexes. Lourdes Garcia alleges that Kelly Gerald-Hughes, a general manager, began to ‘repeatedly touch (her) in a sexual manner on her legs and thighs’ early last year. The Manhattan federal court suit further said that Gerald-Hughes, who ‘frequently performed for customers in VIP rooms’, had offered to engage in girl-on-girl action with Garcia in front of the customers for a fee. Garcia, who says she was ‘humiliated and degraded’ by the incidents, complained ‘on more than one occasion’ to club owner Robert Gans. But despite the complaints, Gerald-Hughes allegedly told Garcia she had ‘significant influence’ over CEO Mark Yackow and could retaliate against her if she didn’t shut up. Garcia also alleges that club manager John Loukas “repeatedly” invited her into his office, ‘implying that he wanted to have a sexual relationship’.” [ANI]

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  • Same Crap

    Hey queertards (sorry, Palin), do you even read the articles you blog about? She’s suing for lots more than that–sexual harassment, abuse of power, threats of retaliation–all serious stuff.

    You write the headline baiting readers into thinking the woman who is suing is a homophobe who thinks lesbianism is icky, when the allegations are a lot worse than that.

  • jason

    I actually support the woman who is suing. The other woman is a boner dyke, not a genuine member of the GLBT community. She performs girl-girl to please sleazy straight guys. These boner dykes are vile and deplorable as they appeal to men who crap all over our rights.

    This form of girl-girl activity is a form of prostitution and should be condemned by all members of the GLBT community.

  • mike

    The female boss wanted her to perform girl-girl for straight guys? Ewww, how gross. These women remind me of the women who do “straight” porn. It’s about catering to the girl-girl fetishes of sleazy straight guys. The word “whore” springs to mind.

  • FrancoisTrueFaux

    @mike: I know! Thankfully all of our pornstars are totally gay and not pandering to an audience seeking the unattainable.

  • mike


    However, there’s a difference between a bi guy in “gay porn” who performs for a male audience and a bi female in “straight porn” who performs for a male audience. The bi guy is appealing to male voyeurs who relate to the orientation, the bi female is appealing to male voyeurs who have a fetish for girl-girl action. The first case is about gender equality, the second reinforces gender inequality.

    Also, the first is orientation-based voyeurism, the second is fetish-based voyeurism. In the case of fetish-based voyeurism, the male voyeur is usually very homophobic, his interest in girl-girl action being merely masturbatory.

    This is why I don’t like boner dykes who cater to these sorts of men.

  • j

    Mike, you need laid.

  • greenluv1322

    Yes this cocktail waitress should sue. These fake ass dykes, boner dykes as you call them give real hot ass lesbians like me and my partner and bad name. Nothing makes me angrier than some dude thinking that our hot ass love is for him. Piss on that shit! But thankfully that doesn’t happen anymore after I cut that mofo! lmao

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