The Prop. 8 Video Your Homophobic Friends Need to See

Queerty commenter Michael alerted us to this super-duper pressingly important PSA from the Upright Citizen’s Brigade that all Prop. 8 supporters should see. It’s important now that they’ve won one battle, that they be ideologically consistent with their beliefs and make marriage safe by eliminating the family-destroying, children’s-tears-inducing world of divorce.

This is basically the smartest, most insightful thing that’s been put together on the issue and all the gays in the world who didn’t donate to Prop. 8 but who really wanted gay marriage to pass should buy up all the airtime on TV and play forever or until Prop. 8 supporters brains explode like in that one episode of Star Trek with the blonde robot babes whose brains explode when faced with a logical inconsistency. You know the one–they parodied it on Futurama and everything. Anyway, this video rocks.