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The Rules About Your Open Relationship Have to Do With Trust, Not Worrying About Getting The HIV

Gay male partners who bother establishing rules for sex outside their relationships do so not because they’re most worried about contracting fun multi-syllabic communicable diseases, but because they don’t want to do anything that would constitute “cheating.”

Sure, “men in monogamous relationships reported greater levels of intimacy with their partner, more trust, commitment and attachment toward their partner and greater equality in the relationship,” but that doesn’t mean sleeping with other people can’t also be a great time, AMIRIGHT? A new study published in AIDS Care from researchers at San Francisco State University found “gay couples’ top reasons for establishing sexual agreements were to build trust in the relationship, promote honesty between partners and to protect the relationship,” relays Sify.

Researchers looked at 566 gay male couples around the San Francisco area and “found that 99 percent had sexual agreements.” Which is a very high percentage, I am told. “Specifically, 45 percent had monogamous agreements, 47 percent had open agreements” — and then there are these guys — “and 8 percent of couples had discrepant agreements where partners reported a different understanding of whether they have an open or monogamous agreement.” That spells trouble.