The Unread Part of Gia Gunn's Letter on Untucked Episode 6

Gia Gunn came across rather harsh in the sixth episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Untucked, but there was more to the letter than what was read out loud in the episode. Luckily, we’ve mopped this image from the episode that shows what Gia wrote to Courtney Act, Adore Delano and two other queens whose name aren’t visible. We were semi-shocked to find that this part of the letter shows a kinder of Gia, one that was purposefully edited out of the episode.

Gia Gunn Letter RuPaul's Drag Race Untucked Episode 6

As you can see, what she wrote about Courtney Act was very sweet:

[quote]Courtney – Great getting to know you. Secretly hope you make it to top 3.”[/quote]

And although part of what she wrote to Adore Delano is cut off, it looks like she wrote:

[quote]I know things got sticky towards the end, I’m really sorry if you felt as though we didn’t see eye to eye but I can’t wait to kiki with you after this madness. Please keep on being yourself because your individuality is 1st and foremost what got you here.”[/quote]

There are also some nice parts that we can sort of see in the bottom corner:

[quote]…warm caring personality always made me…and your professionalism…”[/quote]

[quote]…for your wise…”[/quote]

It looks as though Gia Gunn may not be the evil drag queen she’s made out to be. Are you surprised? After all, the show does get edited down to 20 minutes of film and only the best stuff will make the cut! However, grammar Nazis will cringe when they see that she wrote “You’re are…” in the second sentence.

We’ve reached out to Gia Gunn via Twitter for comments or a copy of the full letter, but have yet to hear back from her. We will update this article as we receive more information.

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