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  • Alexander

    Yum, sexy rich daddy. I call dibs!

  • scott ny'er

    wow. he does look pretty good there.

    definitely has a trainer, cook, hitting the gym, any combo of those.

  • alan brickman

    very nice…don’t be jealous…

  • max12

    ugh!!! gross. isn’t he supposed to be behind the scenes. is he so starved for attention he has to give himself a show,

  • AlwaysGay

    You don’t need a trainer to get a body like that. It’s not brain surgery. Get a training regime and stick to it. Anyway, Andy looks good.

  • Cam

    He comes across as funny and fun on the shows. I’m glad to have a gay guy publicly out there.

  • Peter

    He’s fucking adorable in person.

  • J. Clarence

    It’s scary that he is still single. He’s certainly attractive. Wouldn’t it just be fantastic if Andy and Anderson got together?

    He seems like a really nice guy with a good head on his shoulder, if you disregard The Real Housewives of, well, everything minus the Orange County.

  • Anthony

    He is hotter than a lot of the models you showcase. j/k I don’t want to have his ego blow up but he is hot.

  • cufflinks

    He seems like he’d be an annoying boyfriend — always talking about himself and his celebrity friends. But if he wanted to be my fuck buddy, I’d totally make some room in my schedule for that.

  • scott

    I love this guy.

  • Higgins

    Wouldn’t it just be fantastic if Andy and Anderson got together?

    Anderson already has a bf with a better body than Cohen’s.

  • Cam

    @J. Clarence: you said “Wouldn’t it just be fantastic if Andy and Anderson got together?”

    Anderson would never date anybody that public. That would mean he would have to come out of the closet.

  • hardmannyc


  • JoeyB

    He doesn’t have a bf because he is another self-absorbed, narcissistic gay man who uses his wealth and power to get what he wants, not based on his talent or personality. Another Hollywood egomaniac that has helped bring down popular culture even more. I saw that Atlanta show once and my jaw just fell as he played up stereotypes, exploited mostly black women laughed all the way to the bank. What does that show do for gay culture? What does it do for society other than portray minorities and women as dumb and crass? Please people, let’s not be deluded. We can’t just “make” or “choose” heroes in our community because they are good-looking or are wealthy or are on TV shows or have nice abs. When will we ever grow up?

  • Lisa

    ew…that guy is so annoyingly gross

  • Tiff

    @JoeyB: I am a lesbian women, so my opionion of Andy as being physically attractive will probably be biased, but irregardless of that i completely agree with your summary of Andy as a personality. And, while opionions are subjective, I feel almost disgusted with Andy’s promotion of drama at any cost. The fact that Andy is willing to stoop to any level to create drama to feed his corporate sponsors is disgusting, and to do so primarily with minorities and women is a added bonus of ickyness. I am not so cynical to believe that the bravo audiance is so shallow as to be only entertained by mindless self indulgence and sophomoronic catfights, I find Cohen’s programming and promotion to be reflective of his own personal ideals of entertainment, that alone makes him replusive, and btw who the hell gives themself a tv show while being vp of programmming sort of pathetic.

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