These Locker Room Confessions Will Make You Renew That Gym Membership…Or Cancel It

In the past we’ve shared myths about gay guys in the locker room, but even then we were up front that sometimes things are exactly as they appear to be. No, all guys aren’t constantly checking each other out, but we’d be kidding ourselves if we thought it didn’t happen. And that’s just a tame introduction.

Which is all fine and well — gotta keep our edge, right?

Just in time for the big game, we asked Whisper to mine their data for some salacious locker room confessions. We certainly weren’t disappointed with what they found.


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I got head from a fellow football player in the locker room in front of three other guys

 I had sex with a baseball player in the locker room. Now I know he's gay for sure.

Whenever I go to the gym, I fantasize which guy is going to make eye contact and hook up with me in the locker room.. Too much? Lol. -gay male.

I have a crush on a guy at the gym who works out the same time as me every day. I'm a guy. I don't think he's gay but damn he smiles at me sometimes and I die.

I'm a 48 year old  gay man. I saw a guy slip a note into my locker at the gym that read

I had sex with 2 guys in the gym sauna I blew them both, one was the look out while I blew the other  I have no shame

The stares I get in the locker room from some of the guys. Kind of into it

I don't just go to gym to work out...I go to fool around with guys in the steam room

I'm gay and I actually feel comfortable undressing in the gym locker room because I feel basically all the guys are straight and nobody looks at me

Sometimes I just stare at guys in the locker room... I need a boyfriend...

The strongest motivating factor for going to the gym is the prospect of naked guys in the locker room.

Sometimes I go into the sauna at the gym just because I love seeing the hottest men drop their towels and sweat till their bodies glisten

When getting changed in the locker room, this guy sitting on the bench leaned over and kissed the tip

I am gay and I take secret pictures in the locker room after gym class so I can masturbate to them later.

I love being in the guys locker room at the gym. So many naked, hot guys in there.

Best thing about being gay in high school is shirtless guys in the locker room.

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