Few locales inspire more public nudity, towel snapping, sideways glances and general homoeroticism (not to mention shameless selfies) than a men’s locker room. A recent study found that straight men frequently size each other up in the communal showers, and will often “slap their cocks around” to look bigger.

But it’s not just straight guys who get all hot and bothered in the locker room. Gay guys do, too. But for entirely different reasons.

The air in a men’s locker room is thick with androstadienone, a pheromone found in male sweat that’s been scientifically proven to elicit excitement in gay men. So if you ever find yourself sprouting a spontaneous erection the second you’re blasted by the familiar aroma of sweat, soap and testosterone upon stepping through the locker room door, that’s likely why.

Of course, in addition to all that androstadienone, there’s also the eye candy. Scroll down to see sexy studs in locker rooms.

Photo credit: Locker Room Muscle

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Photo credit: Locker Room Frenzy

Photo credit: Locker Room Frenzy

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Photo credit: Locker Room Frenzy

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Photo credit: Locker Room Frenzy

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Photo credit: Locker Room Frenzy

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Photo credit: Locker Room Guys

Photo credit: Gear Jocks Lover

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Photo credit: Locker Room Frenzy

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