PHOTOS: Get Turned On Inside The Men’s Locker Room

Few locales inspire more public nudity, towel snapping, sideways glances and general homoeroticism (not to mention shameless selfies) than a men’s locker room. A recent study found that straight men frequently size each other up in the communal showers, and will often “slap their cocks around” to look bigger.

But it’s not just straight guys who get all hot and bothered in the locker room. Gay guys do, too. But for entirely different reasons.

The air in a men’s locker room is thick with androstadienone, a pheromone found in male sweat that’s been scientifically proven to elicit excitement in gay men. So if you ever find yourself sprouting a spontaneous erection the second you’re blasted by the familiar aroma of sweat, soap and testosterone upon stepping through the locker room door, that’s likely why.

Of course, in addition to all that androstadienone, there’s also the eye candy. Scroll down to see sexy studs in locker rooms.

Photo credit: Locker Room Muscle

Photo credit: Gear Jocks Lover

Photo credit: Locker Room Frenzy

Photo credit: Locker Room Frenzy

Photo credit: Hot Guys in Gym Shorts

Photo credit: Locker Room Frenzy

Photo credit: My Own Private Locker Room

Photo credit: Locker Room Frenzy

Photo credit: Buff Scruff n Skin

Photo credit: Locker Room Guys

Photo credit: Freeball Men

Photo credit: Locker Room Frenzy

Photo credit: Boys of Facebook

Photo credit: Locker Room Guys

Photo credit: Gear Jocks Lover

Photo credit: Guys in Sports Gear

Photo credit: Men And Sports

Photo credit: Locker Room Frenzy

Photo credit: Ptikeum’s Den

Photo credit: The Lunar Man

Photo credit: My Jock

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  • EdWoody

    Damn, the ginger’s got some frontness going on.

  • AdrianS

    Will I be weird in saying that I truly HATE the smell of men locker room? and that proximity to men changing, sweating and /or looking at each other is such a turn off for me..? I know this is strange. Most gays LOVE these places. I don’t, for some reason. And I really do not know why.
    I particularly hate confined lockers with too many guys around doing their stuff. And that odour you are talking about? no, not for me.

  • Billy Budd

    I love locker rooms. When I was a teenager, still deep in the closet, I would spend HOURS in the lockerroom sauna, waiting for older men to arrive. When I heard the showers being used, I would come out of the sauna, stark naked, and participate in the shower with the other guy(s). Peoplke soon got suspicious of me, and I had to move to another Gym.

  • crowebobby

    @AdrianS: Idem!

  • jkb

    @EdWoody: AMEN!

  • jazz4108

    The two young guys who took the shower together I guess in their underwear look like they are both wearing diapers. Some cute eye candy there. I was always afraid of the locker room in school as I was a runt and picked on anyways and got beat up in the locker rooms by a few black guys at least once a week. Gotta love Indiana in the 80’s.

  • DistingueTraces

    lol Queerty appears to have attained a new level of shamelessness this week.

    “Hello! Paragraph of random text! Now scroll down for some skin!”

    Your faithful reader is not criticizing, merely observing.

  • toberlin

    jazz4108:)maybe they still need diapers .Your direct honesty is touching.

  • Boytoy

    3rd photo,My foot fetish omg.

  • michael mellor

    If the men are just posing without interacting erotically, it cannot be called homoerotic.

  • bottom72

    Oh honey the locker room is a buffet for gay men.

  • domen8r

    get yr visual editor back on task, Queerty. Floor twerker is obviously in a dorm room, not a locker room.

  • Throbert McGee


    Will I be weird in saying that I truly HATE the smell of men locker room?

    No, not weird. I have never been a jock, but back in my college days, I did four years of karate with a student-organized club in the university gym. There were some SCORCHINGLY hot dudes in the club, and I was mesmerized by the sight of sweat dripping from a guy’s chest hair at the end of a long workout [boning up at the memory], BUT…

    …locker rooms tend to have a stinky stale-sweat smell that isn’t at all alluring, in my opinion. Plus, most guys in locker rooms just want to towel off the sweat, grab a quick shower, and get dressed in a brisk and business-like manner; they’re not there to strut around looking sexy.

  • Throbert McGee

    Incidentally, the vaguely Gil-Gerard-ish dude in the Old Spice “manly test” commercial is way more sexy than the dolphin-smooth twinks in most of these photos, if you ask me.

    (Bonus points because he says that Old Spice helps keep you smelling nice when “frenching,” but the gender of the people he likes to french-kiss is left to the viewer’s feverish imagination.)

  • stanhope

    @AdrianS: got a small piece huh? there are 3 hot pics here…the two rears with the strap of the jock showing with the black jock being the better one and the spread from boys from facebook

  • crowebobby

    Probably not as small as your brain. How do you make the leap from someone not liking the smell of unwashed a*shole as much as you do to them obviously having a small d*ck? It may be your idea of the ultimate insult, but it’s really just the ultimate, moronic non sequitur. And my dick is above average; nothing I’ve ever had to hide.

  • Donster1110

    Didn’t we fight about objectification of women. What is happening on here is worse. Seriously is this all about drooling over hunky men? Get real – or get out those old porn magazines. It’s eye candy, that’s all! I am ashamed for all of you.

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