margie phelps

‘They wanted to shut down the picketing so now they’re going to finance it’

SOUNDBITES — “Mr. Snyder and his attorneys have engaged the legal system; there are some rules to that legal engagement. They wanted to shut down the picketing so now they’re going to finance it.” —Margie Phelps, daughter of Fred and attorney for the Westboro Baptist Church, on how they’re going to use the $16,000 in court costs provided by plaintiff Albert Snyder (via)

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  • Ed

    WHY can’t the Westboro “Church” be a suicide cult?

  • ChicagoJimmy

    I still don’t understand this. The family of the deceased Marine have rights guaranteed by the 1st Amendment as well. They have the right to practice a religious ceremony (the funeral) and they have the right to peaceably assemble. Why do the rights of the church people to free speech trump the family’s 1st Amendment rights.

    I believe in a wide spectrum of personal freedoms, but my freedom only extends to the point that it inhibits another persons’ freedom.

    If the Nazis march down a public street spewing their hatred, that is an example of free speech. Disgusting, but it’s their right. However, if Nazis start circling Jewish synagogues chanting “Kill the Jews” and intimidating those who might try to enter for worship, I would say they were violating the 1st Amendment rights of the folks trying to practice their religion.

  • Jason

    Just bring on those fuckers.

  • Cam

    She forgets, in the first round, their church lost and was ordered to pay $10,000,000. The next round, at the very conservative 4th circit they won but the other side was only ordered to pay $16,000. This is being appealed again, and even Bill O’reilly on his show was attacking the 4th circut court for siding with the Westborough Baptist Church. Hey, keep doing what you’re doing Westborough, you’re even making conservatives come down on our side.

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