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  • Eric Phelan

    That looks like the Android logo.

  • Scott

    Yeah it’s really cute, my bf works for Google. It’s the shirt made for gay pride for their gay group, called the Gayglers.
    He was able to get me a shirt.

  • robert

    I’m glad you can tell the sexuality of robots, a skill I don’t seem to have.

  • jeffree

    Ummmm, why do robots have sex? They’re supposed to be working, right? !


    @robert: Just check out their “nuts and bolts” ……….. :-p

  • Colleen

    Would have been nice if you had asked my permission, or at least notified me that you were going to be placing my image on your website.

  • Superman

    @Colleen: Oh, really? Are you the green one on the left, or the green one on the right? Levity aside, STFU Colleen.

  • Colleen

    No, its an image I took of my t-shirt. I didn’t imply that it was an image of me. As you may have assumed, I am not a two dimensional green robot.

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