The force is with them

Thousands of muscly men are losing their shirts to take John Mayer’s #KyloRenChallenge. Wanna join?

The first meme of 2018 has been born — and it’s all thanks to rock star John Mayer.

His “Kylo Ren Challenge” caught on like fire after he dared the denizens of Instagram to lose their shirts to channel Adam Driver’s bare-chested bravado in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

All you need is a pair of (particularly high-waisted) black pants and some nerve.

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You can see the astonishing results by following the hashtag.

Here are some highlights so far:


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And a thirst trap has been officially sprung:

The protein shakes where did u hide them? #kylorenchallenge

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#kylorenchallenge #kylorenchristmastree

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Had to do it #kylorenchallenge

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#KyloRenChallenge @johnmayer

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#kylorenchallenge hehehe

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#kyloren #kylorenchallenge #starwars #josephlwen #thelastjedi

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Cause @johnmayer said so ??? #kylorenchallenge #kyloren #gioren

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felt cute in this, idk might delete later #kylorenchallenge

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