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How to throw the sexiest pride party: 9 tips from the drag queen who does it best

Often, I get asked for my advice on how to throw the perfect pride party partly, I suspect because I throw an annual pride party that people seem to like–a lot.

I’ve always seen things as a movie and my brain thinks like a producer, director, cinematographer and actress all at the same time. You’ve got to be able to see the big picture and make everything from the opening credits to ‘La Fin’ happen. A great score, visuals, and the right cast of people always make for a helluva engaging time.

If you’re the star – then give them an Oscar-winning performance as your best Norma Desmond when you walk into the room.

1. Sex appeal

Make sure there are plenty of MOREboys on hand.

2. Celebrity & sex appeal

That’s me with Jake Shears, a two-for. He’s a celeb and a DJ in one!

3. Details, details, details

Make sure you consider the little things when planning a big party. People always appreciate the extra time and effort you put into an event. Print a picture of your face on napkins or a roll of toilet paper. Trees festooned with balloons are never a bad idea (see above). Your guests will never forget it.

4. Be nice

Your guests are your priority. I like to make sure that everyone feels welcome. At a big party, you’re probably bringing together a lot of people that don’t know each other. I go out of my way to make introductions and to start conversations between guests. If you want to have a little extra fun on the side introduce two people to each other that you know don’t like each other. See how I’m delivering a drink to this nice young man in the picture behind me? (Actually, it was for me.)

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5. Ice

Keep the drinks cold. And on that note – don’t forget that the best way to remember your party is to hire a great photographer–or three. This will allow you and all your friends the opportunity to do all the partying you want and still have those precious memories to cherish because the next day you’ll have the photos to prove it. Cheers.

6. Chairs

If you’ve been in drag as long as I have then you know that having a chair to rest your petite feet is essential during a night of torture in high heels. I hate walking into a venue and not seeing a chair in sight. It just makes me sick to my stomach to see a queen hobbling around like a pigeon with only one foot. A pool for dipping is even better.

7. Friends in high places

This is me with Mark Leno, the openly gay candidate for San Francisco Mayor and a friend. Go Mark!

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8. Outfit

Take the time to pull yourself together. There is nothing worse than a hostess that looks like a booger. Comb your wig out nice and put on some fancy perfume. This way when the doors swing open they can get a good whiff of you. I’ve been told many times that my perfume arrived before I did.

Speaking of perfect – don’t miss what has been touted as the BEST party of the year…

9. JM! PRIDE 2018

My Sunday Pride Party at Jones Street is one of the most anticipated events during Pride month in San Francisco. This year marks the 15th of these non-profit events and to celebrate I want you to spend the whole weekend with me. I am adding a knock-out event the night before my legendary Sunday Party at the famed rock n’ roll venue – Fillmore West – which is opening its doors for the first time since 1971.


Discounted double party tickets ($80) and single party tickets ($45) sales begin in San Francisco Saturday, May 5th and will be available at the following locations while they last. Online ticket sales begin June 1st and general all-access tickets will always be sold at the door on the day of each event.