Tim Hardaway Suffers From Amnesia, Old Dogitis

Speaking of Tim Hardaway, you may be interested in yet another post-“I hate gay people” interview in which he again insists he doesn’t hate gay people. Apparently he just misspoke and, also, forgot where he was:

When I listened to the interview it really sounded like I meant what I said, like I meant that I hate gay people. I was thinking that I was talking to somebody else and not really knowing what it was I was saying. Did I forget I was on the radio? To tell you the truth, at the time I was talking, yes.

Despite his failings and declarations of change, it doesn’t seem Hardaway’s quite ready to get down with the gays. When asked if he wants to use the scandal as a jumping off point to understand gay people’s “lifestyle”, Hardaway replies:

No. I don’t want to … try to find some type of understanding of why they live the way they live or why they are the way they are. Maybe I could go to therapy, maybe someone can help me out with understanding [them], the sensitivity of the issue. But as a person, my beliefs are my beliefs. I don’t have to condone it and I don’t have to be around it.

He also says that he’s so upset by being near gay people that he crosses the street when he sees them coming, just like his parents taught him. Nice to know a grown man’s still plagued by childish fears.

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  • Paul Raposo

    Is this guy medicated? If he were a boxer and got too many hits to the head, I could understand his stupidity. But man oh man, what a moron.

  • John

    I know a lot of white people that cross the street when they see a black person. They also clutch purses, get off elevators early, refuse them jobs/housing and call them the “N word”. Tim is so stupid that he’s forgotten he’s black. Maybe a time trip back to 1960’s Mississippi will help him remember.

  • Martini-boy

    “I don’t have to be around it.” ? As if he had a choice. Hello sir, you belong to the world and the world is teeming with wonderful gays; deal with it. Only in a world where he were the centre would he have a choice to be around them or not. What a fucking douche-and-a-half.

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