That Is Grenada's Question

To Gay Or Not To Gay?

The Grenadian government’s playing choose your own gay adventure after hearing that four gay cruises plan to dock in their ports.

Upon hearing the news, Tourism Minister Claris Modeste–Curwen wondered:

As a government our policy is that we do not support [homosexuality], but are we going to put a barrier that says in any port of entry that if somebody is gay they should be debarred from coming to this country…This is my question, what does the Grenadian community want of us.

Catholic priest Sean Doggett says that while he cannot endorse anti-gay discrimination, he wants the gays to know they should behave themselves, “…If they come to promote [homosexuality] among Grenadian people, then that certainly should not be accepted.” Ya hear that, homos?

No gay promotion while in Grenada. No gay give-aways, no gay publicity and – for the love of God – no gay agenda.