Bad News

TOMORROW: Rhode Island Will (Almost Certainly) Punt on Same-Sex Marriage


Tomorrow, Rhode Island will attempt — for the twelfth straight year — to legalize gay marriage. And just like years past, things are not looking good. And what if, by some miracle, the majority of legislators voted for the bill? Catholic Republican Gov. Don Carcieri would almost certainly veto it. But if we’re going to demand New York’s lawmakers vote on a marriage bill, so our elected officials can go on the record whether they support civil rights, we should expect the same from Rhode Island’s.

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  • Zakakaka

    RI is full of Catholic closeted bottoms…

  • Oaklander

    RI sucks donkey dong. It’s the low-class cousin of Boston.

  • kademonster

    they’re the smallest, therefor… insignificant.

  • Lance Rockland

    BOYCOTT RI until these dimwit legislators give us the respect we’re entitled to!

  • Brian

    Um, just to make the obvious point, at last count there were dozens of states with constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. Rhode Island is one of the few that doesn’t have that, and one of the even fewer that recognizes gay marriages from other states, which for a pipsqueak like Rhode Island is about 20 minutes away. Granted it’s the laggard in New England, but I’d put it relatively far down the list of boycott targets.

  • Mark M

    @Brian: And what the fuck is there to boycott? Maybe I wont send my kid to Brown. lol

  • NewYorkness

    The irony? RI is the only New England state to have bathhouses…2 of them! And how Catholic (I grew up Catholic).

  • strumpetwindsock


    Come on…. why let the facts get in the way of a good lynching?

  • charlie


  • Sam

    Isn’t prostitution also legal in Rhode Island?

  • The Gay Numbers

    It is very sad that people seem to think “well they do not have a ban is good enough to not call for activism.” The politics of lowered expectations continues to eat away at this country. Not just gay rights, but all issues. Find the lowest common demoninator and you will find someone advocating that lowest demoninator as a virtue.

  • Andrew Triska

    I had to look up “punt” on the internet to get the metaphor in the title. Next on Queerty: closed captioning for the sports impaired!

  • strumpetwindsock

    @The Gay Numbers:
    Sorry.. I meant don’t let the facts get in the way of grade school insults.

  • Mike

    RI does allow prostituation, you just can’t seel it on the corner, it has to be private “selling”

  • Mike

    ummm *sell

  • Brian

    @the gay numbers: I guess you’re better with numbers than letters. If you read my comment, not only don’t they have a ban, they also accept gay marriages from other states, one of only two states to do so. So I think that puts Rhode Island well into the top ten on the gay marriage issue. If you want to boycott everyone but the states with gay marriage, go ahead, but I think the effectiveness of a 45 state boycott is open to question.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    Isn’t a Rhode Island boycott sort of the default mode for any human? What do they have to sell? Apparently prostitutes and roosters. Not much call for the latter, and I’m sure the former can be found in much higher quality elsewhere.

    Seriously, it’s not like Rhode Island counts. We only call them a state so they don’t feel bad. It’s not like we mean it.

  • Dylan

    I live in Rhode Island. Stupid RI. I want them to legalize gay marriage so badly.


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