Top 10 Drag Makeup Tips From The Fabulous Pollo Del Mar

Drag Queen Makeup Tips Pollo Del Mar

Pollo Del Mar Photo By Megan PixelContributing Author: Cherry Binky

So, for my very first Top 10 for Dragaholic I enlisted the much appreciated help of Pollo Del Mar aka The Glamazon PDM. She has magically come up with her top 10 drag makeup tips for all the budding queens out there. Her make up videos on You Tube are amazing and so helpful!  So here we go…..

10. Blend!

Don’t let your cheek contouring look like Neopolitan Ice Cream – with three distinct colors. Use a stippling brush and a little translucent powder to blend

9. Carry a Compact!

A compressed translucent powder compact in your purse is a must for a busy lady-boi on-the-go. Touch-ups through the night are easy – and it cuts down on shine & keeps you from looking oily as the night gets wild & crazy.

8. Air Kisses ONLY!

A real kiss from an excited friend or fan, especially anyone with facial hair, can cause unsightly smudges or scrapes in make-up. Keep the adoring masses at bay! Air kisses only, darling, to save your face.

7. The Eyes Have It!

For most queens, the eyes are the focal point in drag. A little light-colored powder beneath the eyes (blended properly into highlight areas, natch) really bring emphasis to your gorgeous peepers!

6. Wear Sufficient Make-Up.

So many queens want that “real girl” look – and that’s fine – but we’re not “real girls.” Unless you want your five o’clock shadow showing or to look like a cross-dresser, with just eye shadow & lip gloss, wear drag make-up. Remember: It takes a lot of make-up to make a man look like a girl who’s wearing no make-up!

5. Don’t Skimp on the Powder!

When I first started drag, I was using a translucent powder so expensive, I went light on it to save money. No wonder I always looked like a French fry straight out of the deep fryer! Now I use an inexpensive, full-coverage translucent liberally while getting ready. Not only does it help smooth my face in photos, it also keeps me from looking greasy! Win/Win!

4. Find Balance!

Not all make-up products need to be expensive – but sometimes you get what you pay for. Balance more expensive purchases, like a good foundation, with cost effective buys. Save money on less extravagant lashes, setting powder & lip sticks to keep from breaking the bank.

3. Stuck On You!

I stopped using lash glue years ago. Instead, I use much less expensive – and far more effective – weave bond glue to adhere lashes at a fraction of the cost.

2. Learn Your Likes!

A bold cut crease ups the ‘drag factor’ whereas a smoky eye in black, brown and creams will give you a more ‘realistic’ look. The more you blend contouring, the more ‘real girl’ you’ll look. Decide what look you want, then learn the make-up style to best achieve it.

1. Always Wear Lashes!

I don’t care how long, luxurious or full you think your natural lashes are, always wear false lashes. And, like most things in the gay world, bigger is better. Why bother (and you must bother!) if you’re only going to wear a tiny pair from the local drug store. A #199 or #301 are great for dramatic effect. Just don’t wear a pair so large they weigh your eyes down and impair your vision, otherwise you’re going to look like you have a lazy eye or are drunk before you leave the house!

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