Totally Frightful Statistic: Hepatitis B

Diseases are pretty scary and if there’s one disease we’re particularly frightened of, it’s Hepatitis B: the acute virus that targets the liver and has been cited as the second-leading cause of cancer (after cigarettes, of course).

Like so many diseases, many people assume that Hep-B’s someone else problem. But, of course, they’re are wrong. To curb infection, some do-gooder Brits have launched a new campaign to spread the word.

The B Aware Campaign estimates that “approximately 2 billion people are infected with the virus worldwide, it is the 10th leading cause of death globally…” Holy shit, right? That’s a lot of people. What’s even more frightening is this little tidbit from Pink News UK: “…gay men are said to be particularly at risk being approximately 10 times more likely to carry the diseases…

Ahhhhh!! We just shat our pants.

Luckily, immunization against the virus is readily available in most developed. So, readers, if you haven’t already taken the necessary precautions, head over to your friendly neighborhood doctor and get the needle prick so you can then get the human prick (relatively) worry free.

Oh, and just to up the ante: peeps with Hep-B aren’t supposed to drink. Now that’s frightful…