Totally-Not-Gay Aaron Schock Asks To Have Arraignment Rescheduled… So He Can Travel


Totally-not-gay, 100 percent heterosexual ex-Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock has asked a federal judge to please reschedule his upcoming arraignment… so it won’t interrupt his travel plans.

Schock is facing 24 felony charges–including nine counts of wire fraud, five counts of falsification of election commission filings, six counts of filing false federal income tax returns, two counts of making false statements, one counts of mail fraud, and one count theft of government funds–all tied to his time serving in Congress.

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Schock’s arraignment was originally scheduled for November 21. On Tuesday, his attorneys asked U.S. District Judge Sue Myerscough to postpone it to sometime after December 12 so he can still go on an international trip with some of his buddies.

Judge Myerscough agreed and 35-year-old Schock is now set to appear on December 12.

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Since resigning from Congress in disgrace back in March 2015, Schock has maintained his innocence, saying whatever laws he broke were “honest mistakes” and totally unintentional. If convicted, he could face decades behind bars. A conviction on just one count of wire fraud alone carries a maximum of 20 years.

Better get that traveling in while you still can, Aaron.