Trans Heroine Gets Elle Magazine Fashion Spread

jenna-talackova.nThree cheers to Jenna Talackova, the fabulous Canadian trans woman who was kicked out of the Miss Universe contest until she successfully fought to reverse the contest’s anti-trans ban.

Talackova has just landed her next high-profile gig: a fashion spread in Elle Canada, a magazine, which is like the internet if you printed it out and mailed it to strangers.

The photos will hit newsstands (which are like the internet if you had to go to a store to read it) sometime next month. January’s going to be a busy month for Talackova: she has a new reality show launching on television, which is like the internet only without … well you get the idea.

Her TV show is called Brave New Girl, and follows her around as her modeling career really gets going.

“You have an amazing life to live — live it the way you want to,” she told the magazine, which is easy enough if you’re a white cis male but takes a lot more bravery and perseverance for someone like Talackova.

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  • jimbryant

    What is so heroic about him? I see nothing heroic about him. I hope that he’s happy in his life but I don’t see anything heroic about him.

    If anything, I see a man who has adopted the female stereotype with all its fakery.

  • Scribe38

    Beautiful woman @jimbryant: Dude what the F*ck did your mother dude to you? Why do you hate women so much? If I send you send you your therapy co-pay through paypal will you please get some help?

  • Scribe38

    do to you

  • Tackle

    First off, she is absolutely beautiful.
    And @jimbryant, what’s heroic about her, is after she was kicked out of the Miss Universe contest, she choose to stand up and fight and was ultimately was successful in having the pageant reverse it’s anti-trans ban. She could have been weak and just drifted away. Thank god she didn’t…

  • lucindamattingly

    my Aunty Leah got an almost new red Mercedes-Benz CL-Class Coupe by working parttime at home. check my source…

  • Degas

    Jim’s misogyny riminds me of the fictional character in Mad Men, Don Draper.

    Don Draper’s mother was a whore. Draper grew up in a whorehouse. He knew neither his mother nor his father, but he learned everything about women, men, and life, in a whorehouse. As an adult, Draper takes out all of his anger against his mother and women in general, by using using them for sex. Jim does it with words.

    Draper is a fictional character. Are you, jim?

  • MK Ultra

    Jenna is beautiful. I wish her much success.

  • Teleny

    @jimbryant: you should be banned from this forum for spam and disrepect.

  • Teleny

    She is beautiful and a positive role model for glbt people. Proud of her!

    On another note, the poster ‘jimbryant’ needs to be banned for hate language. We don’t want people to mock members of our community and Brysnt’s referring to Jenna as “he.”

  • alanj

    @Teleny: try and get him banned by flagging his comments as against the Queerty Comment Policy and you find your own comments get banned. He’s a protected species on Queerty,

  • Teleny

    @alanj: call me foolish, but I just flagged him. That comment of his is Transphobic.

  • alanj

    @Teleny: good on you. I hope you succeed. Unfortunately he’ll just continue under another name ( 5 others apparently).

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