Inmate Puts Balls On The Line For Hormone Treatment

Trans Justice In Idaho

Boise prison babe Jenniffer Spencer sure does have some balls. Or, rather, doesn’t have any balls.

Born Randall Gammet, Spencer went to jail in 2000 for possession of a stole car. Upon arriving to jail, Gammet insisted he be treated as a woman. Prison officials, of course, weren’t having it, even after Gammet started going by Jenniffer.

In fact, Spencer claims guards taunted and tormented her for her gender bending. And she’s looking for – and getting – justice.

In 2003, after learning that prisoners can undergo hormone therapy while incarcerated, Spencer – who had been living as a woman prior to being in the clink – reportedly sent 75 requests for estrogen. The doctors, however, weren’t having it and prescribed her testosterone, instead.

Finding no support behind the prison walls, Spencer took matters into her own hands, so to speak, when she wacked off her willy. One bloody step closer to being a woman, Spencer also filed a lawsuit against the Idaho Department of Correction and its doctors for violating her constitutional rights.

While no date’s yet been set for the trial, a judge ruled that prison officials must give Spencer the hormones she requests. And, what’s more, seems to indicate a trial would find the prison guilty:

While defendants seem to have identified the fact that plaintiff has a significant mental health issue regarding gender identity or confusion, there is little in the record to show that they have provided adequate psychotherapy or other counseling to address that issue. Rather, they seem to have consciously disregarded it.

That’s certainly good news for Spencer, but the judge also points out that a trial would take more than two years, Spencer’s remaining sentence.

Spencer’s apparently thrilled by the hormonal ruling and hopes she and the prison can avoid the drama of a trial. Her lawyer, Shannon Minter, tells the AP:

It got her the relief which she so urgently needed without any further delay. The decision is just so overwhelmingly positive that we are very hopeful the department will now work out a settlement with us without insisting on going forward with an entire trial.

We think the settlement should involve some cash money, free manicures for life and a rocking, self-lubricating vagina. And some fake titties, of course.