Trans Model Lea T. Makes Oprah’s Cut Off List

While entrepreneurs and would-be television stars clamor to be one of Oprah‘s last guests before her show wraps up in May, the reigning queen of daytime has bestowed the honor not on some hack self-help author or at-home candle maker. But on transgender Givenchy muse and model Lea. T.

The 28-year-old soon to be post-op MTF model isn’t just a revelation in the fashion industry, where she served as both a model and a muse for designer Riccardo Tisci, but she’ll be a bold choice for Oprah, notes Elle: The segment “hasn’t been filmed yet (and her reps in Milan can’t comment until after it’s aired), but regardless of the focus of the piece, it’s a big deal. Few models make it onto Oprah, especially not those whose careers are just starting, or those rising to fame on the platform of being different. Fame within the fashion community is one thing, but it’s nothing compared to what Oprah can do. At the very least, her conversation with Oprah won’t be boring (and if she wears Givenchy, neither will the outfits).”

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  • missanthrope

    Do you really have to mention the status of her gentials. In no story here that I’ve read at queerty have I’ve seen story about Neill Patrick Harris or Portia Degeneres that has said “Niel Patrick Harris (whom by the way, has a penis) said x and y” or “Portia Degeneres (who is a person with a vagina) did x, y and z” Why is this any different for trans people? Why is our operative condition such a pressing matter for the public to know?

  • jacknasty82

    I want to support our t-girls, but I don’t really like using them as models for women’s clothing. The fashion industry already creates unattainable images for women’s bodies and rejects curves in favor of stick straight too skinny frames, now they’re using somebody born male who obviously has a male waist to hip ratio, there is no way a real woman would be able to look like that.

  • Tori

    @jacknasty82: A lot of “real women” do in fact look like that.There is a place I’d like to introduce you to called outside. There’s a lot of different people with a lot of different body shapes.

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