Trans Rockstars, Blacktino Nerds, and Hipster Hook-Ups: 6 Of SXSW’s Queerest Films

Queerty contributor Daniel Villarreal and his brother Socrates have returned to the SXSW interactive, film, and music festival to dig up its queerest gems. This year’s film offerings include Canada’s most popular suicide bridge, a weekend-long hookup between two British hipsters, blacktino nerds mingling with theater fags, a twin transgender couple, and a lesbian rock star burn out. Get ready to blast out your rainbow-colored eyeholes!

(The Villarreal brothers will post interviews, reviews, and short features here as well as on their site Hispanic Panic and their Twitter accounts @hispanicpanic79 and sockytx.)


An art film about a two scruffy guys doing drugs and making out sounds like hipster porn, but director Andrew Haigh turns Glen and Russell’s weekend-long hookup into an intimate portrait of the wonder and uncertainty. What happens when you meet a special stranger? Will they change your life or just disappear once the workweek comes? Think of it as a the gay version of Before Sunrise.