“Travolta Ain’t Anti,” Says ‘Spray’ Gay

John Travolta just got another pro-gay apostle. Hairspray director Adam Shankman joins Hairspray creator John Waters in defending the portly star from Washington Blade editor Kevin Naff‘s much-publicized “gay boycott”.

Says the 43-year old gay filmmaker:

I am stunned this has gotten that far. [Naff] has made the dumbest claims on the entire planet. Everybody involved in Hairspray – all the creators – are gay. So John has no problem with people being gay – me, the writers, composer, John Waters – all gay. John’s personal beliefs never walked onto my set. I never heard the word Scientology.

There you have it, folks: John Travolta loves men, especially when they’re gay.

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  • Qjersey

    Who the fuck is Kevin Naff and why do we care what he has to say?

    Oh yeah, he’s the latest in a long line of poorly paid contributors to that half assed NYC gay paper.

    Dumb ass over educated twink attacks a damn movie, but has nothing to say about the real problems facing gay and lesbian New Yorkers.

    Oh but he’s published, so his opinion counts. NOT

  • underbear1

    I personally say F*CK Travolta and the beard he rode in on, and who needs another Divine, the original was just FINE…thank you very much!

    I won’t be going to see this remake.

  • dizzyspins

    If people were asking that the film be removed from theaters because Travolta is a scientologist, that would be unjust. For example, its wrong for the German government to try and block Tom Cruise from filming his Nazi movie because he’s a closet case–I mean, a scientologist.

    But there’s nothing wrong with people deciding on their own that they dont want to endorse a film starring a movie star who gives millions to an organization claiming it can “fix” homosexuality. Whether or not Travolta is personally anti-gay, he tacitly supports a group that is.

    And are we really surprised that Travolta, Naff and (sadly) John Waters are all saying there’s nothing wrong here–they have a vested interest in Hairspray’s success!

  • Paul Raposo

    “who needs another Divine, the original was just FINE”

    I wholly agree with that statement, underbear1! The only reason I’d see this film is to watch the adorable Zac Efron and I can wait for the DVD to do that. Nothing and no one will ever top the original film, nor it’s star–Divine.

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