TREND: Men Getting Totally Hairless Down There With Brazilian Waxes

The New York Times declares that the Brazilian wax is the new non-taboo territory for men—the next step after manicures, facials, and eyebrow grooming.

Mike Indursky, the president of the Bliss chain of spas, told the Times: “What we’re finding is, it’s everybody. It’s the gay community, it’s the straight community, it’s very conservative guys, it’s very liberal guys. All different age groups are coming in. It’s much, much bigger than we ever thought.”

Bliss offers a “The Ultimate He-Wax” for $125, but Buzzfeed provides us with an array of other hilariously titled options, from the Manzilian to Pe-jazzling.

What say you, gay community? Do you like a guy with some natural scruff down there, or do you want an immaculately hairless dude that reminds you of porn stars/underwear models/teenage twinks?

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  • NateB79

    I think routine maintenance and landscaping is plenty.

  • christopher di crapito

    I guess my age is showing because I prefer a man with a bush. Give me a hairy man anytime :)

    Young men = anti-bush
    Older men = pro-bush

  • Caleb

    A guy should be a guy. Keep the hair. Maintain it, but don’t go bald.

  • Pete

    It’s mainly straight men into the Brazilian waxes and totally hairless look, IMO. As usual, the straight guys are YEARS behind the gay guys (we had that fad in the ’90s). Gay guys are now much more into natural hairiness and masculinity now. I expect the straight men will be into that in another 10-15 years. ;)

  • JD

    I don’t get this trend at all. (I’m 36, not old or young.) On several occasions I’ve heard high school boys talking about shaving their pubes, one was even encouraging his buddy to go to his salon and get professionally waxed! They were probably 17-18 years old!! There was also a story recently online about how boys who don’t shave are getting bullied in the locker room. It’s crazy.

    I’m fine with guys getting their backs/shoulders waxed. Even a bit of a trim below the belt. But the shaved look is not attractive at all.

  • Spike

    Nothing makes a dick look more like a plucked chicken then shaved pubes . . . ICK!

  • J

    I’m 24 and I like men with hair down there.I like au naturel.Trimmed okay.Shaved? Waxed? No!

  • Jimmy Velvet

    I can’t begin to imagine how much it hurts to have your pubes yanked out. It would qualify as torture in Gitmo.
    And I agree with Spike – the prepubescent, plucked chicken look is NOT a turn-on.
    These waxed, plucked and pampered guys are so vain they probably scream out their own name during sex.

  • dvlaries

    I remember doing it once, and my reaction was, “Oh yeah, now I remember. That’s what it looked like when I was 12 and couldn’t wait to start sprouting hair and looking like a grown-up.” That ended that.

  • Ben

    Part of my ethnicity makes me pretty hairy…guys like it, I do too

  • CMObrero

    @christopher di crapito: Well sir, I’m young and I want all the hairy men in the world :drooling:

  • JayKay

    But why…

  • Red Meat

    @Ben: as do I

  • arbiter

    I’ve seen instances of both that looked good. I dunno, I’m a gay eclectic, I find most types of guys attractive for their respective qualities. Smooth is nice and soft and hairy is masculine and sexy. I would say, go for what works with your body type. I do hear a lot of straight dudes are going for the bald look, presumably because they think women will like it? A lot of girls I’ve known seem to get grossed out by excessive hair. Although, I know a esthetician who works in Baltimore and she does hundreds of waxings a week, but only gets maybe one guy every month or so. The trend may be a little exaggerated, but I guess even the consideration of it as an option is kind of new for the mainstream male market.

  • Basch

    Full on Brazilian waxed down there on a man is GROSS. It looks like a little boy’s peen. Whenever I watch porn and then have no hair down there at all it’s on to the next video.

  • Basch

    P.S. there’s a site called isanyoneup in which people send the site nude photos of someone they are wishing to get revenge on or something similar, and all of the guys on there (who are usually in their early 20s) are shaved. Most of them are straight, too.

  • John

    Natural is beautiful.

  • nineinchnail

    Smooth balls and trimmed elsewhere yes. But totally smooth is just gross.

  • Oh, ok

    I don’t understand why a man would want to look prepubescent but I would kick any of these adult babies out of my bed if they dared to go hairless while with me.

    Trimming is fine if you have excessive hair growth, but going hairless rather than keeping it neat is just disturbing. There is no reason for a grown man to want to look like a muscular toddler, it literally serves no purpose, and it’s not attractive.

    All that waxing will make them look like hairy beasts when they finally stop shaving and come to their senses.

  • Bipolar Bear

    Who are they trying to attract? Catholic priests?

  • Mark

    Guys who wax or shave their entire bodies look creepy and yeah men are supposed to have body hair.

  • Philip

    I can’t even imagine how painful that would be.

  • Spike

    @Bipolar Bear: HA HA HA, so true!

  • Samuel

    It’s nice to see and hear that men with hair are finally back in! I hate the shaved, plucked, waxed look. Why do men feel the need to shave their balls anyway as well? I love it when a man has and is alnatural. It’s the best!

  • Dennis

    I love a smooth set of balls and butt, but just some manscaping in front.

  • Alexi3

    Don’t get it – never did. Although I must admit I always had a problem with men with hair on their backs – so maybe the problem is mine.

  • redcarpet

    Dicks and Asses have hair, get over it!

  • Hyhybt

    To me, it would matter far more whether you’ve *washed* down there recently enough than how much or little hair is present.


    I think it only looks good on white/light-skinned guys with light hair color who are very fit. If they have that great muscled V-shape. I’m half latino and with black hair, it does not look pretty, all that stuble and I am not ripped so it’s just kinda gross. But it does make for easy clean-up.

  • Samuel

    @Alexi3: Yes, I can agree with you… men with more hair on their backs than on the head really doesn’t do it for me…. I dated two men over the years, one with more back hair than you can imagine and one with more hair on his lower extremities… i.e. his butt, than I have ever seen…. it was like going to bed with a bear!

  • DouggSeven

    I like a bit of bush, but nothing crazy. I’m a firm believer in plucking rather than shaving. Both have advantages and disadvantages though.
    Plucking can be painful but for some odd reason, it doesn’t bother me (I don’t pluck my balls, but they aren’t hairy so it’s no big deal). It can aslo result in some embarrasing rashes and acne looking bumps due to a damaged folicle (no matter how much I clean, this is hard to avoid).
    Shaving can cut (sorry, a razor sharp object that close to my balls scares the hell out of me) and there’s the 5 o’clock shadow thing that looks terribly gross. Plus the hair comes in looking wierd. It will also result in itchyness and possible rashes.

  • jose

    Alright, its hair, it doesnt change their looks in a dramatic way. If this grooming stuff is starting to go mainstream, then ill have to do more than i already do, damn.

  • Elloreigh

    Make mine a natural man. Which is not to say there’s anything wrong with liking ’em shaved. Different strokes for different folks.

  • Jonathonz

    From all the comments it would seem that nobody likes the prepubescent look. I sure don’t. For me a man’s crotch is made up of thirds. 1/3 cock, 1/3 balls and 1/3 bush. If any one of the thirds is missing the man has 2/3 of his manhood and is automatically 1/3 less attractive. (Well…maybe the cock IS more than 1/3!) Now why would anyone want to do that to himself?

  • Michael F.

    It’s been so long! Natural or not, I’ll take whatever I can get! :)

  • Xtincta

    The pro hair gays are the most vocal on the internet but are less prevalent in real life and THANK GOD for that….. Most people hate body hair and it doesn’t have shit to do with being a “real men”. REAL men do what they want, they are held captive to antiquated notions on what it takes to be a REAL man.

  • J Stratford

    hate bushy hair. it hides the crown jewels.

  • Red Assault

    Anyone who does that has sacrificed their right to call themselves “a man.”

  • Red Assault

    @Xtincta: There’s nothing more lame than some borderline male saying most people agree with her.

    But if you want to shave your hair off.. It’s your business, Mary.

  • Trent

    I keep myself shaved and have been doing it for years, mostly because I like it. I really don’t care if someone else doesn’t like it. If I was in a committed relationship maybe. However, I don’t mind guys with hair down there. I do wish that all guys would trim/ shave their balls. That is my personal opinion. Au natural is for caveman.

  • Kayak

    It’s not to leave a little bit, groomed.

  • drewa24

    Who the hell wants to look at Carrie Bradshaw’s taint? A little barbershop play is fine, but when your hole and nut-sac are bright red from the suggering you’re entering into Miss Universe territory.

  • ErganeFlood

    @JD: Hon, I have to agree. Hell, sometimes, I even hate a trim.

  • BlogShag

    @christopher di crapito: And that’s why some like mangoes and some like plums and some like both.

    For some, hairless connotates younger, or athletic. And dingleberries and toilet paper don’t get stuck in them when you wipe your butt. It also is more sanitary and smoother so it feels better.

  • BlogShag

    No, it does not look as masculine when a man is shaved, but that’s not what most are into. It just plain looks neater and cleaner.

    With the model pictured above, you wouldn’t be able to see his beautiful musculature as well if he had a hairy chest, etc..

  • florencelover

    So from what I read, most of the readers of Queerty prefer hairy. From my experience, dating guys from 19 to 35, I can say most people do like to take care of their private areas. If you’re a bottom, I really believe it’s an issue of personal hygiene. No one is asking anyone to shave completely, sometimes is sexy to see a guy with a bush, depends on the size and shape of the penis, as well as the body type.

  • BlogShag

    I wish people would use their heads for something other than snortin’ coke, meth and being biased. Why do guys shave? Gee, did you ever stop to think, that dingleberries can get stuck in them, or that some guys are athletes or models? That’s the main reason I shave these days is because of modeling.

    And guys shave because it harbors smells and bacteria, is less sanitary, can feel scratchy to their partner, and it does not photograph or look as clean as a sasquatch parading around, etc. .

    That’s fine if you like hairy, but it’s really telling of your lack of intelligence if you don’t understand why someone would want hairless areas on their body

  • Hyhybt

    Not a lack of intelligence; everybody has blocks of some kind about some things, and one of the more common ones is an inability to see why anyone would like what you don’t.

    In principle, it’s close to the same “ick factor” that’s the basis for many people’s homophobia.

  • BlogShag

    @Hyhybt: And obviously you have problems with reading comprehension, because I clearly stated it’s fine if others don’t like hairy.

  • jones

    My wife loves it, it is like our honeymoon all over again. My wife love it!

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