A troll messaged Andy Cohen and was not expecting this response

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen (Photo: Shutterstock)

Andy Cohen has highlighted the bizarre behavior of some internet trolls.

In an Instagram posting, the late-night talk show host posted screenshots of an interaction he had with someone online.

The person who messaged Cohen bluntly states: “You should try and be a better person for your son.”

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Cohen became a dad when his child, Benjamin, was born February 2019. He often posts photos of himself and his kid on his social media.

“What am I doing wrong?” replied Cohen.

“Oh wow didn’t expect a response. I was just being a troll. You’re doing fine. Sry,” responded the stranger.

“I am indeed a real person. Thanks for understanding,” says Cohen.

“It’s so cool that you responded,” says the now start-struck messenger, before warning. “You probably shouldn’t confront trolls though.”

“You probably shouldn’t troll people though,” replies Cohen.


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Cohen captioned his posting, “Social media in a nutshell.”

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Among those to comment on the exchange was actor Andrew Rannells, who simply said, “Oh good lord.” Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi responded, “Sheesh.” Many were quick to tell Cohen what a great dad he is and to ignore the haters.


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