Troye Sivan got catfished this week. Here’s what happened.

Troye Sivan, like so many of us, has an awkward Grindr story or two. But his recent catfishing experience went far beyond a fake profile image and stats.

In a video he uploaded to Twitter, the 24-year-old actor and pop singer shared a bizarre story that involves Greta Thunberg, Prince Harry, Leonardo DiCaprio swimming with dolphins, and Russian hackers. (Incidentally, that also describes Stefon’s favorite new after-hours club.)

As Sivan tells it, someone reached out to his manager claiming to be Greta’s father, who said Greta would like to work with Sivan on a new project called “Stars Save the Earth.”

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But after giving Sivan’s personal phone number over to Greta’s “dad,” the story started unraveling. As it turned out, it was all part of an elaborate hoax by a group of Russian hackers.

Apparently, they pulled the same stunt on Prince Harry and Bernie Sanders.

Watch Sivan explain how it went down: