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This Troye Sivan video just got pulled down for being too hot for TikTok

Screengrabs from a Troye Sivan TikTok in which he's showing off his foot and looking shocked.

Pop’s favorite twink Troye Sivan has been getting more and more risque over the years (to fans’ delight).

Back in 2018, the singer was just cheekily tweeting #BopsBoutBottoming about his single, “Bloom”. By last year, he’d escalated to using a jockstrap-clad photo for his “Angel Baby” single cover and talking about “getting f*cked hard in the as*hole like a pig-bottomed, bareback bottom, raw-dog bottom b*tch” on Drag Race Down Under. Growth!

Here in 2022, he’s mostly been pretty tame, save for a well-filled speedo photoshoot for Interview Magazine. Yet, somehow, he’s still managed to put out content that’s too much for the censors to handle.

Sivan showed off his soles for TikTok in a video that used an AI filter to transform him into an anime character. Instead of turning his foot into, well, a foot, it got morphed into a strappingly work-unsafe man looming over him without a stitch of clothing on.

While the video was quickly taken down for Community Guideline-related crimes, it has since been reinstated.

His digital footprint (pun intended) will last forever:

@troyesivanNo words♬ オリジナル楽曲 – ローカルカンピオーネ🗾👑

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As shocked as he himself was by the filter’s lewdness, he was more shocked that a video of his got yanked for something that TikTok’s own filter did.

He took to his Instagram story to give the app what-for:

“Just for the record, I showed…” he starts before pausing. “I showed the sole of my feet, which is not inherently against community guidelines, TikTok AI. You were the one with your mind in the gutter who decided to put a hot, sexy, naked Ken doll next to me to violate your own community guidelines.”

He finishes dressing down the app’s artificial intelligence with a warning.

“If I get banned on TikTok ’cause of this, I’ll see you in court.”

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He also had to further clarify a slightly tangential point to his audience. Among the sea of comments remarking that he’d posted feet “FOR FREE?!?” and insisting that he “PUT THOSE DOGS AWAY”, Sivan found himself faced with folks claiming that he only had four toes on his foot.

“I am not missing a f*cking toe,” he says:

Even with the visual, he might not beat the four-toes allegations. Our hearts go out to him.

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