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Trump Gets AIDS In Sacha Baron Cohen’s Latest Film And Sony Is Freaking Out

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Marco Rubio thinks the real Donald Trump has some problems in the penis department, but the fake Trump in Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest flick has a bigger issue that’s making Sony executives very nervous.

The Brothers Grimsby has a scene in which “Donald Trump” contracts HIV, and it’s been met with cheers and laughter at a few preview screenings so far.

However the flick’s studio, Sony Pictures, is definitely not laughing, and The Huffington Post says they’re making moves to minimize the fallout:

Back at Sony’s Hollywood headquarters, however, there has been much less enthusiasm about the scene in question. Three industry sources said that Sony had made its displeasure clear and pushed to remove the scene, but that Baron Cohen, in a rare deal for a producer-actor, has final authority over the film.

Studio executives are nervous about angering the famously vengeful and litigious Trump, compounded by the possibility of getting on the wrong side of the possible next president. Still traumatized by its run-in with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in 2014, Sony decided its best option was to limit the damage.

The Huffington Post even spoke to a “well placed source” who pretty much verified that Sony is deathly afraid of offending Trump:

“If you were told that they’re shying away from the movie because of the political implications, I can tell you that’s 100 percent true.”

Another source said:

“They’re subtly trying to make it disappear so Donald Trump doesn’t sue the studio, and also if Donald Trump wins, then they don’t have a major problem with the corporation where they’ve alienated the president.”

Everybody hates the Donald, but there’s something distasteful and juvenile about an AIDS joke even if it is directed at someone as universally reviled as Trump.

See for yourself if the joke makes it in when The Brothers Grimsby opens on March 11th.