Truth Wins Out Wants You To Handle The Truth

In an effort to curb conservative charlatans from usurping science for their dastardly ways, Truth Wins Out has established a new website, Respect My Research. The site comes after Focus on The Family leader James Dobson misrepresented scientific findings in his Time Magazine-published preaching against Mary Cheney’s lesbianic pregnancy. Researchers cited by Dobson have since come out against his homophobic manipulations.

TWO spells out their mission:

Right wing promoters of pseudoscience are routinely offered a national platform to mislead the American people and serially misrepresent social and medical science.

If your research has been twisted or misused by Dobson or others, please report these infractions. Only by shining a light on these lies, can we a change this deplorable behavior. Together, we can help put an end to the dishonest practice of hijacking science in support of extremism.

Sounds like quite a time. Dobson and his friends, we’re sure, will just say TWO’s using science for their “extremism”. They’ll base their argument, of course, on research from the 19th century and recommend massive reprogramming a la Ted Haggard.