Tuc Watkins: When Gay Actors Don’t Come Out “It’s Perceived As Shame”


Here’s the deal, some actors are genuinely private people. When straight actors are private, it’s perceived as having integrity. When gay actors are private, it’s perceived as shame. It’s a double standard, but I’m just so excited to be a dad, I really couldn’t help but want to talk about that.”

Openly gay soap stud and new dad Tuc Watkins discusses coming out and fatherhood to Entertainment Tonight.

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  • BritAus


  • watching1

    There’s a difference between privacy regarding sexual orientation and privacy regarding relationships. Actors are usually presumed straight and don’t have to “defend” their SO by stating their straightness. If a gay actor allows people to assume they’re straight when they’re not, yes, it’s technically a private issue, but come on. We all know the importance of coming out and not living a lie. It’s certainly their right to let people assume they’re straight, and I’m sure for the most part it’s still better for their careers not to come out, but it’s not the same as refusing to talk about your personal relationships. Look at Jason Collins. He came out, clearly and distinctly, yet maintained that his relationships are private and off limits.

    If Tuc is talking strictly about relationships, I’m with him. There’s no shame in wanting to maintain that public/private boundary. But if he’s talking whether or not a “private” actor has the right to maintain a convenient facade, well… they have the right, but I have little respect for them for living that way.

  • QJ201

    I used to think of him while touching myself when I was a teenager

  • miagoodguy

    I have little respect for those who believe their thinking or way of living their life is is the correct way to be. Live your own life and don’t tell others how to live theirs.

  • Cam

    This is the same glass closet lie that they tried to tell about all of them.

    There is no straight actor at all that does not for instance wear a wedding ring, because they are so private they want to hide the fact that they are married.

    There is no straight actor who will refuse to answer the question “How do your children like the fact that their parent is in this movie?”

    Not telling an interviewer that you and your spouse slept together on the 3rd date after a concert and dinner, or not telling them details about your kids is being private. hiding the fact that you even have a spouse or kids is shame pure and simple.

  • Ottoman

    Another actor bitching about privacy. Be an accountant if you don’t want people in your business.

  • erasure25

    Loved him in Desperate Housewives!!!

  • B Damion

    Now, when I think white man I think Tuc Watkins. That white man can get it.He is berry berry attractive.

  • balehead

    He’ll do ok….

  • Joetx

    @watching1: Well said.

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