Tucker Carlson Is Actually Right About The DADT Debate: It Is A Waste Of Time

“It’s totally a sideshow issue,” Tucker Carlson says of all these worthless years spent trying to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. And the jerks fighting to let gays serve openly are members of a “politically aggressive interest group that supported the president.” At first glance, the comments on Fox & Friends from the Daily Caller‘s proprietor sound awful and bigoted. But allow Carlson to clarify: “I am merely saying that the idea this is the central question in American life” is stupid. Ya know what? He’s right: The notion that we have to study whether heterosexuals will malfunction if they’re knowingly near a gay person, that we have to waste precious time in Congress debating basic civil rights, that we need to convince lawmakers (like Sen. Mark Pryor) to do the right thing by their constituents? IT’S MORONIC. Jobs and the economy. Wars and AIDS. Energy and the environment. They all deserve more attention than gays in the military, for the sole fact that gays in the military should not be an issue at all. This is a sideshow, and hopefully it’ll end today. Where Carlson is wrong, of course, is in arguing the need for repeal is so stupid we should ignore it and move on. That’s unacceptable.