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This tweet about toxic Grindr culture is entirely too relatable

Another tweet about toxic Grindr culture has Gay Twitter™ in a tizzy.

On December 29, a user by the name of @cntb88 posted a meme from the movie Don’t Look Up of Ariana Grande calling Leonardo DiCaprio an “old f*ck.”

“me on Grindr: hey, how’re you?” wrote @cntb88. “guys that are 2 years younger:”

Over the last week, the tweet has gone absolutely viral, racking up over 1 million impressions, more than 25,000 likes, nearly 2,000 retweets, and hundreds of comments and quote tweets.

Here are some of the responses…

Last month, screenwriter and TV producer Russell T. Davies opened up about his own Grindr struggles in an interview with The Guardian.

“At my age? I don’t think there’s much action at my age, do you?” the 58-year-old said, before adding that he does, in fact, use the app.

“I am on Grindr. I’ve been on there for years because I find it fascinating. Unfortunately, everyone goes: ‘Oh, you’re the man who wrote Doctor Who.’ I’d never meet anyone off Grindr – I’ve got too much fear of being murdered.”

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