Twice-subpoenaed director of Trump family documentary just held a Reddit AMA and tea was spilled

Alex Holder, the British filmmaker behind the Trump family documentary Unprecedented that premiered Discovery+ last month, and whose footage of the ex-president and his klan was subpoenaed twice by the January 6 committee held a Reddit AMA this week and, let’s just say, tea was spilled.

Holder talked openly about his personal thoughts about the Trumps, including his feelings about the ex-president, his eldest daughter, and how Eric Trump is actually terrified of Don Jr.

“Eric seemed to be pretty scared of his older brother,” he said when asked about the “smaller moments” between members of the family that surprised him most. When someone questioned why he thought this might be, Holder responded: “Have you seen Don Jr???”

Point taken.

“Eric is probably least like his father but I say this only because Don Jr and Ivanka are very similar to their old man,” Holder added. Later, he said, “Eric was the friendliest. I don’t think Don Jr liked me very much. (Not sure why!)”

Throughout the Q&A, the filmmaker made it crystal clear that he’s not a fan of the ex-president, calling him “a very insecure man who depends on external adoration” and who is “obsessed with how he looked” and wore “a huge amount of makeup.”

No surprise there.

“He is not as complicated or complex as people think,” Holder added. “He is a guy who craves attention and adoration. At the end of the day, all that is important to him is the ‘brand’.”

Holder also described Trump’s White House as a place that was in total “disarray”, adding, “but remember I was there during the period when the incumbent President was attempting to overturn an election.”

And when questioned why on earth the Trumps ever agreed to let him document them in the first place, he replied, ” I think it’s because they thought they were going to win and were like ‘sure let’s film it.'”

He also said he was given “full editorial control and did not show the final product (or anything) to anyone from the White House, the Trump Family, the Trump campaign” before it was acquired by Discovery+.

Watch the trailer for Unprecedented below.

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