Twinkmania: Chris Colfer Tops Out‘s List Of Top 10 Gay Bachelors

The readers over at Out have voted with their clicks (and dicks) in the magazine’s annual Top 100 gay bachelors contest. Below is your top 10—topped by barely post-pubescent Glee singer/actor Chris Colfer.

I know there’s an easy bottom joke to be made here about Chris… I won’t make it… Okay, I can’t help it. Congratulations, Chris, for finally topping something.

Other fellow list-makers include sexy alien ‘mobot Zachary Quinto, Broadway queen with the bulging biceps Nick Adams (below), and North Carolina’s king gayface Clay Aiken.

Anyways, sound off on which one(s) of these hotties you’d bone, and how. Don’t get too graphic, you crazy commenters, but we’d invite your speculation on whether you think these studs are tops, bottoms, or versies.

1. Chris Colfer

2. Zachary Quinto
3. Nick Adams
4. Christopher Rice
5. Clay Aiken
6. Joe Carozza
7. Jay Brannan
8. Randy Harrison
9. Luke Macfarlane
10. Tom Lenk
Photos via TheCOFFEECATFacebook
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