Twinkmania: Chris Colfer Tops Out‘s List Of Top 10 Gay Bachelors

The readers over at Out have voted with their clicks (and dicks) in the magazine’s annual Top 100 gay bachelors contest. Below is your top 10—topped by barely post-pubescent Glee singer/actor Chris Colfer.

I know there’s an easy bottom joke to be made here about Chris… I won’t make it… Okay, I can’t help it. Congratulations, Chris, for finally topping something.

Other fellow list-makers include sexy alien ‘mobot Zachary Quinto, Broadway queen with the bulging biceps Nick Adams (below), and North Carolina’s king gayface Clay Aiken.

Anyways, sound off on which one(s) of these hotties you’d bone, and how. Don’t get too graphic, you crazy commenters, but we’d invite your speculation on whether you think these studs are tops, bottoms, or versies.

1. Chris Colfer

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  • Oh, ok.

    Colfer is cute…but how is he number 1 over all those other guys including MacFarlane and Quinto? Gleeks are nuts.

    Maybe I’m just biased since I have a preference for fleshed out hairy men and not innocent looking boys.

  • William

    Wow, when I checked this out weeks ago the Designer behind Balmain was about to top the list. Someone obviously alerted the gleeks.

  • Uh ...

    I’m still not fully convinced that Chris Colfer is male.

  • Kamuriie

    Chris Colfer may “top” that list, but he is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT bottom. And not masculine bottom. Total legs-up-in-the-air, stick-that-2-liter-bottle-in-me bottom.

  • Shannon1981

    I love Chris Colfer! Then again..I’m a Gleek…

  • Aiden

    Interesting that most of these guys are irrelevant, but all of them are white.

  • stevoj

    i call shenanigans on this list. not only is Clay Aiken on it, but in the TOP 10!?!

    shenanigans i say. shenanigans!

  • Eric

    @Uh …: I don’t think Chris Colfer believes he’s male either :-p

  • James R

    LOL, absurd list except for 2 – well any list a Glee person is on they rally an vote so invalid. Only two on list for real are Zach and Luke. Agree with #3 Uh….

  • QJ201

    You all can hate on Chris for being not up to your masculine standards, but the kids got more money than the rest of us and I’m sure there are men throwing themselves at him.

    AND he’s not barely post pubescent. He’s over 21.

  • marksdn

    To Uh…. and Kamuriie:

    I LUV IT! You’re both totally right on the mark wtih what you’ve said! Dont’ get me wrong mind you I think he’s great looking and a nice kid but…. you two crack me up with your comments!

  • psychtheology

    Wow, there are some pretty abusive comments here about Chris Colfer, including in the article itself. I’m female, but still LGBT, and I have to say that for members of people group that has regularly faced ostracism and bullying, some of you sure do know how to dish out your fair share of it yourselves – and to one of us, no less! (And by the way… you may want to take a closer look at him. He doesn’t flaunt it, but he’s actually pretty buff!)

  • Eric

    @psychtheology: Oh, relax. It’s just playful joshing. Besides, her own show always groups her with the women (where she is literally the most feminine of the bunch :-p), and I’ve never heard her complain about it.

  • wc1

    I’d hit Zack and Christopher Rice for shizzle.

  • psychtheology

    @Eric: I highly doubt you would feel the same way if similar comments were directed towards you. Plus, any hurtful comments that were directed towards you when you were growing up were likely excused the same way. Further, Glee is fiction. You’re confusing Kurt with Chris. They are two very different people.

  • Eric


    If I were two estrogen shots away from being 100% female, I really wouldn’t be surprised or hurt if people called me feminine.

    You’re right about one thing, though: Chris only *plays* feminine; in real life he’s totally butch :-p

  • Kieren

    If there was a top 100 for biggest cunt, you’d all make the list! :D

  • Charlie in Charge

    And here comes the vehemence because he’s not a muscle bear. He is on a show about musical theater there’s not much opportunity for him to act like a lumberjack.

  • Isaac C

    @Kieren: That’s right, fuck all these goddamn cunts, attacking their own…

    @psychtheology: It’s self-hate, plain and simple. And the colored gays of course hate the whites. And these are the people who call others bigots and homophobes.

  • James R

    @Eric: LOL!!

  • Shannon1981

    I am not even attracted to men and I think Chris Colfer is adorable.

    He seems really sweet and talented too.

  • JayKay

    Colfer and Aiken, both in the top five? The overweight hausfrau voting bloc is committed, I’ll give them that.

  • William

    If there was an out, black pop star/actor whatever that was hot he would of easily topped the list. It comes down to the fanbase.

    Again, a few week ago, the list was very different.

    There were A-LOT of gay black men in the top 20.

    The fact is once people started tweeting about this list fanbases ran out to support their own.

    You can tell by the list it is categorized by the size of their fanbase. I can tell you all right now Chris got the most votes from females. I feel like I just said the word fanbase 20 times…. Fanbase….

  • Nah

    @William: You have no idea what you’re even talking about. The list NEVER showed who the top 20 were. It only ever showed the top 10. Hell, there weren’t even that many black men to choose from in the list of 100 guys. You probably never even visited it and have no idea what you’re referring to.

  • Charles

    The amount of stereotyping and foul commenting in this article is, at any rate, worse than whatever we’re constantly accused of being: bitchy queens.
    He’s looking better than most of you, we can be sure of that.
    And whatever you believe of him, he’s one of the best people in the scene right now, and actually cares about the issues at hand.

  • Top to Bottom

    Okay, guys…no one is in any position to say whether Chris is a top or bottom except for him. Stop trying to make the decision for him.

  • Gay Bacon

    oh where to begin where to begin lol.

    Chris Colfer would top my list just because he does look like a crazy, legs-in-the-air and lovin every minute of it type of bottom.

    Zachary Quinto <3 Can't stay away from a man with a great beard.

    But Randy Harrison has to be the best of all the guys listed, and I'm shocked he's single. I remember watching QAF when I was a little kid; watching it with the volume on low so I wouldn't get caught lol…We all know what he's got and it's called a great a$$ :)

  • Joey

    I think whats missing from so many comments here is a spirit of camaraderie. “Bitchiness” and snark are both big parts of gay culture for sure, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But for me its not about saying something nasty or making another person look bad. The best bitchy comments are Smart, Sharp, and Funny. Something that makes the person laugh at them self and admire your cleverness. A lot of this is just tearing someone down. I’m not sure what some of y’all get out of it…

  • Ruddigore

    Isn’t Zachary Quinto dating Jonathan Groff? How is he considered a bachelor?

  • Nah

    @William: LOL! Those were not the rankings, idiot. That was just the slide order, which was completely random.

  • Claude

    @William: Those were the 100 guys you could vote for. That wasn’t the order of vote totals. When you voted, only the top 10 rankings, based on votes, were shown. The rankings for everyone else were not shown.

  • Claude

    @Gay Bacon: I don’t believe Randy is single. He’s dating someone.

  • Gay Bacon

    @Claude: Well the list was titled Most Eligible Bachelors soooo I took that to mean Randy’s single. I guess he’s monogamish or in an open relationship. Anyways, if it isn’t strictly ‘most eligible bachelors’ and just hot gay men then WHY THE HELL ISN”T MATT BOMER ON THERE!?!?! I’d straddle that without a second thought.

  • Claude

    @Gay Bacon: I think they have a weird criteria for what is a bachelor. Matt Bomer has been in a committed relationship with two kids for a while, whereas Randy might just have a boyfriend. Not really the same thing.

  • Carrie

    WOAH!!!!! I thought we didnt out people…wasnt that a lesson we all learned from Perez Hilton that outing people isnt cool. I seem to recollect Chris Colfer saying he was straight and I have never heard news otherwise ( and i follow everything about him). If you are talking about his character on Glee Kurt Hummel then yes he is in fact gay. I am a straight female and am a huge supporter of the LGBT community and I dont think it is fair for the people of the gay community to out someone. Try and remember your coming out story it wasnt easy so dont force someone through a door their not ready to cross!!!

  • Mr. Robertson

    @Carrie: You do realize that Colfer came out in 2009, right? It would’ve taken you literally less than one minute to Google the info.

  • Aric

    @William: Wow, it really did come down to who had the biggest fan base.

  • Belize

    @Aiden: I was SO waiting for that comment.

  • Belize

    @Gay Bacon: Bachelors, honey. Much to our disappointment, I think the man is taken. I mean, really? Who would let THAT one get away?

  • G

    This list is pretty unappealing! With the exception of Zachary Quinto and Luke Macfarlane. Those two deserve to be on the list.

  • Oh, ok.

    @Carrie: I lol’d, no one will ever believed you thought Colfer was straight. Up your game, troll.

  • Ty

    What I notice about Colfer and Adam Lambert is that women (both straight and lesbian) find them more appealing than actual gay men do. I remember AfterElton did a similar poll to this and Chris and Adam were both in the top 3 last year, and all the people who came out and said they voted were either straight girls who love Glee or lesbians who think Chris and Adam are “cute little gay boys”. Trust us, those who actually have dicks and like other people with them do not prefer them to actual “hunk” type of guys. Kurt is the most offensive character on television, a character that they have made “one of the girls” and find every potential gay stereotype and of course apply it to him. Kurt is the very reason we need characters like Max on Happy Endings to show straight America we all aren’t cartoon characters.

  • Joe

    @Ty: People aren’t voting for Kurt as the eligible bachelor. They’re voting for Chris, who is very different from his character. Maybe what you’re saying would have been true in 2009, when Chris Colfer looked like a little kid, but now that he’s older, he looks pretty dang good and has a lot going on for himself. A hunk may be nice to look at, but that’s about it.

  • Gina

    This list is ridiculous. I don’t know any gay guy that likes Kurt or Colfer. This list was clearly voted by teenage girls.

    Kurt is the most offensive character on tv, the way Colfer plays Kurt is offensive. And frankly, Colfer has been getting more and more feminine. I don’t see him as male any more.

  • ChiGuy76

    Why does everyone assume that just because a guy is effeminate that he’s a bottom? Isn’t it possible that Mr. Colfer could be a total top and likes to f*** the crap out of his boyfriends? God knows I’ve bumped into a lot of flaming queeny tops in my life as well ultra masculine butch bottoms. Just saying here….

  • JayKay


    “Isn’t it possible that Mr. Colfer could be a total top and likes to f*** the crap out of his boyfriends?”


  • Eric

    @ChiGuy76: “Isn’t it possible that Mr. Colfer could be a total top and likes to f*** the crap out of his boyfriends?”

    I guess so. Many women are into pegging.

  • gyt

    @JayKay: then you never watched gay porn.

  • Huh ...

    @Joe: I don’t get the Chris-hate either. He’s one of the nicest, most polite young ladies in all of Hollywood. Why, I haven’t seen such a well-behaved young belle since the Ole Miss Cotillion back in ’48.

  • Braxton

    Eric has some serious issues going on. Your bizarre rants say more about you than Chris Colfer, you nut.

  • Bryan

    As much as I like Chris Colfer, I find it hard to believe that was a list by gay men considering the anti-fem, anti-twink sentiment that’s common among lost of gays atm.

  • Eric

    @Braxton: Now, now, no need to get your panties in a bunch. I’m just playing around — I kid because I love!

  • John

    Completely unrelated (well, Luke’s last name reminded me), does anyone think Seth Macfarlane is hot now that he has gotten leaner? I am not sure why, but I do. I know he is not gay. I just wanted to know if I was alone in this, haha.

  • Justin

    I am in complete lust with Zachary Quinto. I’m vers, and I get the feeling that he is, too. I’ll do whatever with him.

    I’d also do Justin Tay…I mean, Randy Harrison.

  • Mr. Robertson

    @Justin: Oh yeah. I remember him back from when he played Sasan on So NoTORIous. Had a super hot/funny sauna make-out scene with another dude. He’s only gotten better since.

  • Ty


    I agree, I believe women shouldn’t be allowed to vote in a gay male poll. I know gay men who find Rachael Maddow and k.d. lang to be sexy, because after all, they are fairly masculine women (much like lesbians love Lambert and Colfer for their femininity) but yet most lesbians I know would never put those two above someone like Jessica Alba or Angelina Jolie on the lust-o-meter. Same goes with gay men. I don’t know one gay man who would choose Chris Colfer over say, Chris Evans.

  • NickM

    @Aiden Really can’t believe the whiteness of this list. Kind of sick thinking about the white exclusivity of homosexuality in the media.

  • Isaac C

    @NickM: Racist.

  • Ty

    Jay Brannan, Luke MacFarlane, Zachary Quinto and Christopher Rice are all hot. The other guys not so much.

    Personally I am sick of the whole obsession over race. I know white guys who exclusively date black and Hispanic men. We have the Kardashian sisters who are famous for dating black guys, etc.. People should be able to date who they find more attractive. While there are black, Hispanic and Asian men out there I find attractive, I still usually find white guys to be the ones I like the most. People should be allowed to be attracted to who they wish. Chris Colfer and Clay Aiken being so high should be a shock not because they’re white, but because I have never seen another gay man of any race lust over them.

  • Austin L

    Come on guys. It’s a poll. It’s done and over with. Fighting over the results won’t change the fact who made it in the top 10. I think all of them are attractive. And all of this hate for who got 1st place seriously? I know we are all entitled to our own opinions, but that doesn’t mean we have to be rude towards one another or the people on the list.

    Chris is attractive, and I know some of you have said that Chris isn’t attractive or too feminine it’s just the way he looks. It’s not as if he’s overly feminine anyway. He’s surprisingly masculine in some aspects.

    The poll result is what it is. It’s just someone’s opinion. Who cares if it’s gay guys opinion, or lesbians, or heterosexual girls? The point is, the majority chose Chris because they like him. It’s someone else’s opinion. They’re not forcing theirs onto yours. Chris even states,

    “@outmagazine I’d like to thank my fans for stuffing the ballot boxes & the non-fans for their descriptive character-building disagreements”

    He accepts people voted for him, and wanted him to win and doesn’t even fully believe he truly won it. But in the end, it’s all someone else’s opinion. And when does that ever matter to ourselves? It’s just another stupid poll that doesn’t really count for anything.

  • Ty

    @Austin L:

    I think the argument is that this list revolving the openly gay guys that men most lust after loses validity when little girls who watch Glee, and lesbians who gravitate to the likes of Colfer and Lambert because they aren’t overtly masculine (you’re lesbians, you’re into into men… those into men see Colfer and Lambert as two estrogen shots away from being transgendered) more than they do guys that the average gay man finds sexy. Imagine if this poll was for lesbians and gay men hijacked the poll and rigged in favor of Rachel Maddow (and I know gay men who actually have a straight crush on her) instead of the Victoria Secret models most lesbians I know *really* like?

  • minority report

    The disgusting comments make me ashamed to be a minority. We can be even more intolerant and offensive than the majority. Chris is gorgeous, talented and classy. We all know you are just jealous because none of you will ever lay your ugly paws on him or anyone his caliber. Keep imagining how he likes it, because top, bottom or versies; he sure tops all of you, why? Because Chris Colfer can have anyone he wants, when he wants and the way he wants. Well at least guys who are educated and secure enough to not ditch one of their own because he supposedly doesn’t correspond whatever image homophobic heterosexuals incrusted in their tiny brain through insults and mockery. At only 21 years old, Chris is ten times the man you will ever be, not because he writes, acts, sings and do a lot for the gay community by just breathing, but because he doesn’t need to put anybody down to prove he is a real man.

  • Mr. Robertson

    @minority report: I don’t care about Chris Colfer one way or another. However, it always saddens me to see a grown person get so vehement and worked up about a celebrity. Don’t take this stuff so personally; you’re not *actually* friends with Chris Colfer.

  • jason

    Out magazine is garbage. In my view, it’s been taken over by people who don’t really care about gay rights. It’s more about the “gay” brand rather than gay rights.

  • Ty

    @Mr. Robertson:

    so true

    I love that those who don’t want/need him as “our spokesperson” are the self-hating homophobes. No, it’s Kurt that sends homophobic waves because people will use his character as “proof” that there’s no way gays can be real men when they adhere to every imaginable stereotype and are ‘one of the girls’ instead of the guys. It reminds me years ago when people would use things they saw on Queer As Folk as “proof” that all gays must adhere to this certain lifestyle. It is hard to talk about progress when they have gone time and again to make Kurt so offensively stereotypical while making the “straight acting gay” on there a self-hating homophobe who attempts suicide. Somehow they send the signal that out and proud queens have more self-esteem than gay men who don’t subscribe to the stereotypes. That is no true, I know “butch” gay men who are some of the most self-confident people I’ve ever met and know “queens” who are actually really fragile and suffer from low self-esteem.

    And this “he’s better and hotter than you because he’s a star” thing is laughable… does this also coincide with #5? I can walk into any room and find at least a handful of guys who are more attractive than Clay, they just aren’t famous. Being a celebrity doesn’t make you a better person. I know positive gay people who have done far more for the community anonymously than some actor playing a gay equivalent of “Amos N’ Andy” that deserve to be held in higher esteem than him, but won’t because they don’t look like a young Jason Bateman.

  • minority report

    Dear Mr Robertson : People can be blatantly mean and insulting be but when you disagree strongly with them you’re being too vehement and sad? Also,It’s an article about Chris Colfer, who am I suppose to defend here trees? And Isn’t that why we can comment in the first place, to criticize, support and defend? Since, there are blatant insults, I though I was allowed (without insulting anyone-the ugly paws made me laugh) to express my disagrement the way I wanted. Dear Ty: You know exactly what I meant when I commented, you can distort it all you want and make it look like I think celebs are better than us or anything. Of course gay or straight can dislike him, but the kind of insults he is getting here reminds me too much of the ones homophobes use, that’s why I was so “vehement” in the first place. If that makes me a sad person, then so be it. I always thought that those who trashed people gratoutuisly were the sad ones, all this years I’ve been mistaken, thanks for setting the record straight guys.

  • jau

    @Ty: lol Max is more of a cartoon than Kurt is.

  • Mr. Robertson

    @minority report: Sorry. You were just kind of having a Chris Crocker moment. “Leave Chris Colfer aloooone!” Kind of a bit more intensity than the subject matter seems to merit :-p

  • Mr. Robertson

    @jau: Not that I dislike Kurt, but to be fair: Max may be a cartoon, but he isn’t a cartoon of a gay man. An analogy: Steppin Fetchit and Carlton Banks are both cartoons. But Steppin Fetchit is a cartoon of a black man, whereas Carlton is not. I think Ty was trying to say that that Kurt is a sort of gay Steppin Fetchit (not that I agree — that’s just the point he was making, and one that isn’t disproved by Max’s cartoonishness).

  • bob

    to everyone bashing chris for being effeminate; it’s because of people like you that so many gay teens are killing themselves

  • Mr. Robertson

    @bob: Agreed!

    Moreover, people who dislike Chris Colfer are also responsible for the 2008 financial crisis, 9/11, the BP oil spill, the earthquakes in both Haiti AND Japan, rising tensions with Iran, and the meltdown at Fukushima. They wrote the Macarena and turned Two and a Half Men into the country’s top-rated sitcom. They gave the Oscar to Crash, made Mondo lose to Gretchen, and convinced Keri Russell that she totally looked better with short hair. They probably also caused the Holocaust. With their time machine.

    *And* they called our moms ugly.

  • bob

    so you don’t think bullying gay kids for being sissies led to them killing themselves?

  • Mr. Robertson

    @bob: I wasn’t so much making a statement about teen suicide as making fun of your clear penchant for hyperbole.

    Also, no one is “bullying” a gay “kid” here: Colfer is a 21-year-old man. And I know that he’d probably be brought to the edge of despair if he ever read these comments (which I’m sure he does, because that’s totally what celebrities do with their time), but I have faith that his success, his millions of dollars, his loyal fan base, and what appears to be a grounded, well-adjusted personality would, in the end, allow him to pull through.

  • bob

    and you don’t think the rhetoric is the same as the ones used to bully the gay teens? calling them sissies and women?

  • Mr. Robertson

    @bob: Nope. I think that insofar as “rhetoric” plays a role in gay teen suicide, it’s the “you’re gay so I hate you” rhetoric used by homophobic straights, and not the “you’re effeminate and therefore not attractive to me” rhetoric used by some gays, that’s the culprit. In other words: I doubt there are many gay teens out there contemplating suicide because some bitchy queen didn’t find them butch enough.

  • minority report

    @Mr. Robertson: Dear Mr. Robertson: That’s right! Keep on pretending that you don’t know why I was so vehement in the first place. Keep on telling yourself that the kind of insults Chris was getting weren’t the kind homophobes uses. Also, How about that double standard? I say I can have all the “leave Chris aloooone” moment I want, just like some induldged in their let’s trash Colfer moment. But don’t worry I’m going to spare you the video on youtube :)

  • Jay P

    They’re all “artists,” except for like 4 of them. Le sigh. I’ve given up dating artists lol.

    What about the sexy scientists? Doctors? More politicians? I’m sure there are some famous ones out there. :-P

    At least they included some Asian Americans woot woot.

  • swiss

    LOL Chris seems well aware what goes around here, his tweet:
    @outmagazine I’d like to thank my fans for stuffing the ballot boxes & the non-fans for their descriptive character-building disagreements.

  • Ty

    People love to defend the “queens” who get slighted, but for crying out loud, nobody cries when the shoe is on the other foot. I have seen more “effeminate” gay men who claim that “straight acting” gay men are sellouts who are trying to be liked by straight people, and that masculine gay men have never had to “struggle” with their sexuality (and IMO those who don’t “give it off” have arguably had to struggle twice as hard because everyone just assumes one is straight) and the sort. No, you ask a homophobe why they hate gay men, and they’ll pretty much name-drop every trait that they use for Kurt.

    Sorry, but while it might not be PC to compare race and sexual orientation, Kurt for gays is nothing more than the watermelon eating stereotypical black man that was used in the 40’s and 50’s before the NAACP stood up.

  • bob

    @Ty: You’re right, gay people who can pass as straight have it so much harder than the ones who can’t.

    “No, you ask a homophobe why they hate gay men, and they’ll pretty much name-drop every trait that they use for Kurt.”

    Thanks for proving my point. :)

  • Ty


    You forget that those who pass as straight have an even harder time coming out because nobody expects it from them. Those who fart rainbows and obsess over divas are generally already expected it, and they have a much easier time coming to terms with themselves. A straight-acting male can fake heterosexuality for years, you’ll never find a Chris Colfer type who somehow is married to a woman for years before coming to terms. Society already saw him as a gay male without saying anything, and it was easier for him to accept himself. Its the straight-acting gays who have more issues with hating themselves because they can “hide” it better so many of them see it as something they can fix. So please spare this “straight acting gay men don’t have struggles with their sexuality”. People who listen to Liza Minnelli don’t *own* that corner, ALL gay people have had to struggle with their orientation.

  • Steve

    1. Chris Colfer – probably a bottom, not my type.
    2. Zachary Quinto – probably versatile, would love to have sex with him!
    3. Nick Adams – probably versatile, too twinkish for me
    4. Christopher Rice – probably top, looks too angry for me. I want fun.
    5. Clay Aiken – def bottom, nope.
    6. Joe Carozza – top, not my type.
    7. Jay Brannan – don’t care, I’d spend days in the sack with him.
    8. Randy Harrison – bottom, and I’d def do him.
    9. Luke Macfarlane – what a dream! Probably versatile, I’d fuck him for a week.
    10. Tom Lenk – seems to me to be a bottom. Would also spend hours in the sack with him.

  • Ty


    haha same here, I’d spent days in bed with Jay too. He’s not necessarily the most masculine gay man, but he reeks sex appeal, something Colfer doesn’t. That is proof that you don’t have to be an uber-butch gay man to be sexy. Jay is Jay, he is just effortlessly sexy, Chris OTOH comes off very tacky and while he thinks his fashion sense is cool, it looks awful.

  • bob

    @Ty: Who says effeminate gay people have an easier time accepting themselves? Are you speaking from personal experience?

    “ALL gay people have had to struggle with their orientation.”

    Yes, ALL gay people do. Not just the masculine ones.

  • Ty


    but there’s this insinuation that because one can pass for straight, that person obviously isn’t a “real gay” and a “real member of the community”. I never said effeminate gay people don’t have to struggle, its those who insist that a gay football player never had to come to terms with his sexuality because he is what society deems “normal”, and if anything he’s had it just as hard if not worse because everyone already assumes they’re straight and have a girlfriend, “Kurt” types are already assumed gay before they come out. Hell, look at the godforsaken show, Kurt is this out, proud and happy gay while Kafosky was a closet case who attempts suicide because people cannot accept that a jock is gay.

  • bob

    Are you kidding me? You yourself are living proof of how badly the gay community treats those who aren’t manly enough.

    And I can’t believe you’re trying to act like effeminate gays have it easier in society when you yourself admitted “you ask a homophobe why they hate gay men, and they’ll pretty much name-drop every trait that they use for Kurt.”

    Also, are you even watching the same show? The one where Kurt tried acting straight because he wanted to impress his father? The one where he was constantly picked on and bullied? The one where he didn’t get the role in the school play because they thought he was too effeminate? Ect, ect. Just because he didn’t try killing himself doesn’t mean he’s perfectly happy and accepted.

  • Ty


    How I “treat” others? Most of my friends in fact are considered “queens”. I just don’t sexually prefer guys who fall into that category. I don’t apologize for finding masculine guys more attractive.

    And yes, it is disheartening that when you see gays in media, 90% of the time, they are more like Kurt and Adam Lambert when I believe it’s the more “normal guy” gays out there like NPH and Russell Tovey who are the ones who are going to challenge ones homophobia more than those who fit exactly the stereotype homophobes already have already decided why gay people are automatically “different” and “unrelatable” to the average straight man.

  • bob


    The majority of the gay guys on that list are masculine characters, so I don’t know where you got that 90% number. Kurt and Cameron from Modern Family are the only characters on the list who are really effeminate.

    Furthermore I don’t know how you are in real life, but in this thread you seem to be incredibly hostile to the gay people who are effeminate. And the whole idea that gay people need to stop acting “different” to be accepted is extremely problematic.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Ty: People who listen to Liza Minnelli don’t *own* that corner, ALL gay people have had to struggle with their orientation.

    What makes you think everyone who listens to Liza Minnelli is effeminate?

  • Kit

    Based on the “scandal” Clay Aiken had with John P. several years ago, Clay is definitely a top!

  • lalala

    I hate this… Chris Colfer is the most perfect person in this world and that, he is gay, does not prove anything! Sorry the spellings, I live in Finland, and google is not a reliable… But Chris Colfer is the best still…

  • Austin L

    @Ty: It’s not funny. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. whether you know a person or not you have to understand this is a real person you’re talking about. And what you say can hurt peoples feelings.

  • Austin L

    @Ty: this was actually addressed to SWISS but I made a mistake. But in total. I think that everyone should realize what they’re saying to someone else.

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