Closet door bustdown

These twins have some news — can you guess what it is?

Cooper and Luc Coyle are the creative forces that comprise the Coyle Twins, the latest in a fine lineage of twin YouTubers.

And not unlike some pairs before them, they have some news… They’re gay.

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To get the full coming out experience, 19-year-old Cooper and 19-year-old Luc (they’re twins) hit record and called their mom so they could share the milestone with the world.

But how will Mom react? Will she cry for seven minutes straight? Will she say she knew all along? Will she flip the script and say she’s gay too?

You’ll just have to watch to find out:

If you can believe it, you can also find Cooper and Luc on Instagram:

Why does it look like I'm holding an invisible shampoo bottle omg

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Double take

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Did I mention we’re twins?

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And the two share another account where they showcase their fashion photography:

Still one of our fave shoots ?

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Gloomy NYC days always getting the best of us….

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Happy Pride!