Twitter heaves a collective groan upon learning Meghan McCain’s last day on “The View” wasn’t today

Today was Meghan McCain‘s last day on The View… Or so everyone thought.

On July 1, McCain announced that she was leaving the show at the end of the month, leading many to believe her final day would be July 30 which, according to our calendar, is TODAY!!

Here’s how people have been celebrating on Twitter…

But, as it turns out, today was not McCain’s last day after all. She misled us… which is actually right on brand for TV’s reigning conservative supervillian.

The View just confirmed that McCain will actually be sticking around until August 6, which is the season 24 finale. That means viewers have one more week of John McCain’s daughter to endure.

Now, here’s how people are responding to that

Earlier this week, McCain announced that she’ll be turning her attention away from spreading rightwing propaganda political punditry and will instead focus on producing “legendary” made-for-TV movies.

Her first project will be a Lifetime original movie starring Heather Locklear tentatively titled Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff: The Kristine Carlson Story inspired by the best-selling 1997 self-help book by the late motivational speaker Dr. Richard Carlson.

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