Balk At Gay Rights Group

Ugandan Anti-Gays Loud, Not-So-Proud

Uganda’s homo haters were up in arms earlier today. About 100 anti-gay activists took to a rugby field in Kampala to protest the rise of a gay rights group in the east African nation.

Last week, after years of living in the closet, Sexual Minorities Groups in Uganda – unfortunately referred to as “Smug” – held a press conference calling for more acceptance in the virulently homophobic culture. The anti-gay activists, however, aren’t having it.

One protester, Pastor Martin Sempa, decried the so-called sins of sexual deviation:

We are fighting against the fresh campaign for homosexuality and lesbianism in this country. Homosexuality and lesbianism break three laws; the laws in the Bible and the Koran, the laws of nature and the laws of the land, the Ugandan Constitution.

Gay activist Paul Kagaba insists that he and his allies aren’t looking to dismantle Ugandan society. They just want to be left alone:

We did not hold the press conference against churches and government. We were simply telling everyone to leave us alone and today’s protest is clearly misplaced.

In addition to protesting gay folk, Sempa and company have launched a campaign against an American editor named Katherine Roubo, who’s interning at The Daily Monitor. Roubo covered the gay coming out and now the anti-gays want her ousted of both the paper and the country. For her part, Roubo insists she’s just doing her job: “I was assigned a story by the editor and I did it objectively. My job is to report on events, not my personal opinions.” Luckily, we don’t have such constraints: Roubos, you rock; Sempa, you suck; Ugandan gays, remember the golden rule: good always vanquishes evil, especially when that evil’s anti anal sex.