Ugandan “Ethics” Minister Says God Against Gays, Calls For Witch Hunt

James Nsaba Buturo simply can’t help himself! The Ugandan “Ethics” Minister, who has long pledged to fight the homosexual scourge besieging his homeland, recently insisted that anti-gay activists shouldn’t fear violent repercussions because God’s on their side:

Dr Buturo told Africa’s Sunday Monitor that there is no need to beef up security for anti-gay activists in Uganda because God is protecting them.

“It’s true gays are rough people but men of God should not fear their intimidation. Ugandans should strengthen their mobilisation against the gay movement because the government is also committed to support them,” he said.

Buturo also spoke about how the gays have infiltrated local schools and are “luring” students to the lavender side.

The government and loyalists, said Buturo, should begin compiling a list of suspected queer interlopers and, you know, have a good, old fashioned witch hunt: “I appeal to the investigative arms of the government to quickly compile reports of such students and their schools so that tough action is taken against them.”