Ugandan “Ethics” Minister Says God Against Gays, Calls For Witch Hunt

James Nsaba Buturo simply can’t help himself! The Ugandan “Ethics” Minister, who has long pledged to fight the homosexual scourge besieging his homeland, recently insisted that anti-gay activists shouldn’t fear violent repercussions because God’s on their side:

Dr Buturo told Africa’s Sunday Monitor that there is no need to beef up security for anti-gay activists in Uganda because God is protecting them.

“It’s true gays are rough people but men of God should not fear their intimidation. Ugandans should strengthen their mobilisation against the gay movement because the government is also committed to support them,” he said.

Buturo also spoke about how the gays have infiltrated local schools and are “luring” students to the lavender side.

The government and loyalists, said Buturo, should begin compiling a list of suspected queer interlopers and, you know, have a good, old fashioned witch hunt: “I appeal to the investigative arms of the government to quickly compile reports of such students and their schools so that tough action is taken against them.”

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  • Darth Paul

    That’s brilliant. I’m sure hunger, corruption, disease, illiteracy, and ethnic conflicts will all be resolved once queers are stamped out.

  • Here

    “Quick everybody!! Look for the homosexuals and put all your attention and energy towards that so that you forget how much the standard of living sucks here! Maybe then you won’t hold your lead”

  • Here

    “-leaders accountable for not doing our jobs”

    Power hungry greedy bastards.

  • ken

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  • foofyjim

    I’m wondering what university awarded this man a doctorate. It should be revoked.

  • mark

    Uganda total exports = $1,336,668

    Coffee and Fish seems to be the two biggest exports, now we need country of origin stickers on every item this filthy hateful country produces.
    When their crops fail or a natural disaster strikes this hell hole…. they get NOTHING.


    @ # 5: answer to your question: AUUPEH, African Unity University for the Propagation of ‘Ethical’ Homophobia.

    It’s always amusing to see how the spammers inundate any post that brings to light the innumerable black homophobes. Guess Afroguapo, Mr. C and Moesha 777 have way to hatred in their hearts and time on their hands.

  • Brandon

    “It’s true gays are rough people but men of God should not fear their intimidation.”

    i dont know even where to start, this has to be one of the most ignorant speeches i have ever read.

  • Stop

    so Churchill-Y, what do you accomplish with YOUR hatred? hmm…

  • Mr C


    Can you prove my hatred of anything?????????

    You’re the one who always commenting on anything posted that concerns African Americans here on Queerty OK PUNK ASS BITCH.

    You’re the one with HATRED. And by tbe way IGNORAMOUS I’m American, Black and PROUD of it.

    Too bad you don’t run after WHITE homophobes. Then again your candidate of choice didn’t make the cut.

    Like I said before Why don’t you lift yourself up and no longer be one of those BLUE COLLAR, LUNCHBUCKET LOW PAID Whites (As the media titled it, not I) and do something positive.


  • White

    Homosexuality is a counter nature practice. The nature itself tell it. But homosexuals should be loved. Even though their practice is a behavior disorder. When it comes to Africa, I pleade with non Africans to show respect to our culture and laws. Africans simply dont imagine man with man or woman with woman sexual relationship as a natural or acceptable thing. Just as “civilised” cultures don’t imagine polygamy as a natural acceptable thing. You think a law that forbids homosexuality is freedom killing, that is good, but please good for your culture. Why don’t you think a law that forbids polygamy is freedom killing?? You tend to arrogantly think that you should define the notion of freedom for all cultures on earth. Please be humble and respectful for Africans. Stop violating the right of Africans to be themselves, and also africans expect you to respect their ways of thinking. Maybe soon some “researshers” from a very famous “civilised” coutry’s university will publish results of their research showing that people are born pedophils and asking for freedom for children to have sex with who they want, in the name of “civilization”. This will surely get a few guys out there to starts crying for a stop of which hunting against pedophils
    Good look to the new religion that adores our reason. Reason seems to be our new god. I hope this new religion will take us farther than the religion of the Bible or the Quran or …

  • Stacey Walker

    It is good for one to see a dedicated politician fighting for the basic fundamentals of our country. The majority of your comments are non- sensical.


  • cany

    It’s not funny.

    They are serious.

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