Freedom Issue Ain't Given Freedom

Underground Forces ‘Gay Times’ Ad Underground

London’s Underground needs to get with the gay times. Literally. The mass transit system successfully petitioned Gay Times magazine to switch out an advert they found offensive, citing one of the models’ state of “unnecessary­ state of undress”.

the adverts celebrate the passage of Sexual Offences Act 1967, which repealed anti-gay sex laws. Gay Times begrudgingly complied and offered the image on the right, which, despite the new model’s attire, the Underground approved. Maybe they just prefer black guys.

The hilarity of the scandal isn’t lost on Gay Times editor Joseph Galliano notes,

It’s an intimate picture, not sensationalist. The irony is we are using the image to promote our ­August issue marking the 40th ­anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

Another Gay Times mouthpiece offered this statement:

In our opinion, their refusal­ is totally unjustified considering some of the heterosexual­ ads on display at the moment.

By having a couple in a natural pose, consumers can infer that they are a couple.

The freedom issue is all about celebrating this fact, and the fact couples of the same sex have the same rights as heterosexual couples.

The use of naked imagery throughout times has been used to promote a sexual liberation­, and finally, after 40 long years of struggle, gay men and women now have full ­legal equality, something worthy of celebration.

Apparently the good people of London agree – or, at least, those who read the original article, which included a survey question: “Do you think the banned picture is inappropriate for the tube?” We just voted and found these results:
Underground officials have obviously been living under a rock.