Black History Month

Unsung Heroes: Angelica Ross Is Blazing A Path For Transgender Women In Tech


During Black History Month, the mainstream media recycles stories about Martin Luther King and Malcolm X while LGBTQ outlets predictably trot out RuPaul, Bayard Rustin, Laverne Cox, and other examples of great African-Americans with whom we’re already well acquainted.

Over the next week, we’re going to spotlight a few amazing black unsung heroes.

These people are leaders, journalists, and activists who span the entire African diaspora (i.e., not only Americans).

Next up, transgender CEO and Executive Director of TransTech Social Enterprises Angelica Ross

It’s not often enough that we hear about trans women taking over the tech world, but that’s exactly what Angelica Ross is doing.

As the founder, CEO and Executive Director of TransTech Social Enterprises, she’s empowering other people in the LGBTQ community (particularly the T) to get involved in the tech industry by breaking down some of the barriers to entry.

She helps get trans people jobs and training in the graphic and web design industry, and was profiled in the MSNBC Originals video above.

She’s also a motivational speaker for LGBTQ and business oriented audiences, and has taken her message of diversity and inclusion across the country.

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Ross is an actress too, because of course she is, and studied theatre at Florida Atlantic University before getting into the tech industry. She recently completed season 1 of Her Story, a webseries that looks at dating from the perspective of trans and queer women.

Her website is (gotta love the diva references), and we definitely recommend you check it out. We’re looking forward to seeing more of her on the tech beat or on the big and small screens soon!