Utah’s Gay Bashers Beware! The S.I.N. Patrol Is Watching You…



Joshua Barnes got tired of hearing of all the recent gay bashings in Salt Lake City. So he got 140 Facebook friends to start “Safety In Numbers” (aka “The S.I.N. patrol”), a group that patrols Utah’s Friday night gay district to help prevent violence. Equipped with some pepper spray, his camera phone, a semi-official looking red sash and a pair of antlers, Barnes and his costumed cohorts walk people back to their cars while distracting and recording would-be attackers to report them to the police.

That’s right folks, gay superheroes are back… and they’re not gonna take it anymore.

Barnes says, “The police do a good job, but they can’t be everywhere. We thought rather than just complain, we’d just do something. And the simplest thing we could do is just be here. Be an extra set of eyes, an extra body.”

And while on patrol with a news crew he even took down a basher with an ever-tightening headlock and held him in place until the police came and confiscated the knife in the attacker’s back pocket.

We gotta admit, patrolling the streets in weird costumes and preventing attacks sounds a hell of a lot more interesting than downing another vodka gimlet and watching Ivana Slapper lip-synch to Adele… again.