Show It With Window Shattering Rock

Vandals Got No Love For Kucinich

Some Ohioan haters have it out for Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, one of the two Democratic presidential candidates who support full gay marriage.

Hours after Kucinich spread the love at last week’s gay forum, a vandal or vandals threw a rock through Kucinich’s Cleveland campaign HQ.

Dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaign office on Lorain Avenue in Cleveland was vandalized early this morning after the congressman appeared with other Democratic candidates on a nationally televised forum on gay rights.

Kucinich spokesman Andy Juniewicz said an unknown object was thrown through a plate glass window sometime after 12:30 a.m., when campaign staffers closed down the office. Juniewicz did not have a dollar estimate of the damage, and said he didn’t know whether it was connected with Kucinich’s appearance at the forum sponsored by the gay rights group Human Rights Campaign.

“We will leave it to the Cleveland Police Department to investigate and see what they come up with,” Juniewicz said.

We wish we were there to give you a big hug, Denny. We’d offer to help with the mess, but we’re not very good with a broom.

We’ll totally roll up a doobie for you, though, you adorable pot supporting, gay loving politico, you.

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  • WWH

    He was kinda cute when he was young.

  • cjc

    Awww. Poor guy.

  • jobradfield

    Makes me so sad that this happens to good guys who stand up for us.

  • Craig Browning

    I will never understand why so many people in our community think this fool is worthy of their support. He’s a joke from the get go and will NEVER see the white house.

    Let’s wake up to the fact that the 1960s & 70s era of rose colored glasses and psychedelic dreams are no more and placing a hippie into a seat of power just ain’t logical… DK is just that and his fantasiful mode of thinking, as wonderful as it may see on the surface, is not possible nor realistic.

    I don’t like the fact that some Ohio rednecks terrorized the man but at the same time, I think WE all need to realize he hasn’t an icecube’s chance in hell of getting anywhere when it comes to the higher ranks of politics. It’s time to narrow the field and as much as I love his vision I know it ain’t going to happen… same with Gravel… let’s start putting our energy and votes where they might do so actual good and choosing between the three primary contenders… Obama, Edward and Clinton.

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