Waiting Game…

Regarding rumors that HX Media’s Boston-based New England Blade is headed down to toilet, here’s a note from a reader: “The New England Blade, which normally comes out on Thursday mornings, is still not anywhere to be found at any of their usual distribution locations in Boston, Provincetown or Providence (as of Friday, 3:30pm). I personally checked the Boston locations and got phone confirmation from P-Town and Providence.”

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  • Rock

    Please just kill it already.

    It would be a mercy killing.

  • Queerty is my bitch

    Hmmm did that comment come from child porn lover Bill Berggren? Sounds like the vile shit he would say sinc ehis pub went belly up…then again queerty would report that would they???

  • Rock

    No, it did not.

    You must be sucking off Matthew Bank every night.

  • charles

    I’ve noticed that HX always seems to come out late even in New York. Sometimes I can’t find it on 8th Avenue until late at night on Friday and they take forever to update their website. I don’t understand what would be the big loss if they just shut down anyway.

  • Chris

    so would it not be a good idea to do any freelance work for HX? One wouldn’t get paid?

  • Brian Moroney

    Well at least Berggren is now working for a paper that pays their help on time.
    Actually, the toilet would be a step up for THE BLADE.

  • Brian Moroney

    Searching around Boston, it looks like the toilet is the place to look for the Blade. IT is Saturday afternoon and it is not to be found anywhere. What can it mean. And who cares.

  • RexTown

    Another UPDATE:
    3:50pm on Saturday. If I were an advertiser in the Blade I’d demand my money back. The piece of shit newspaper is still nowhere to be found in Boston.

  • Rock

    I heard the paper was delivered.

  • Bastard Step Child

    Exactly…who cares? Seriously people, there are much better things to worry about in the world than whether or not a paper is on teh street. Andrew just likes posting negative things about HX since he used to work there and they thought his writing was total shite and wouldn’t let him write for the paper. We did work together Andrew. I sat next to you in that office they crammed us into…me, you, Drew…Gary down the hall, Yaniv doing classifieds next door…no one cares about HX. Why not get a freaking life and drop the grudge…seriously?

  • RexTown

    Um, Bastard Step Child, these are not Andrew’s postings. Yes, it’s his blog, but what you read after Andrew’s post are the sincere comments of people who seek quality gay journalism delivered to them on time. And the NEB is missing 3 of those things: quality, journalism, and delivery. Oops, That ain’t good for a newspaper.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Homo Xtra:

    “Xtra! Xtra! Read all about it. HX is dead on arrival!”

  • Bastard Step Child

    Right…he’s “sincere.” I actually worked with the guy and I love how he takes every possible attempt to swipe at his former employer. The fact that he seems to have a little vendetta in publishing everything that may be wrong with HX is worthy of a little quesitoning as to how biased his feelings actually are and why he chooses to find something negative to publish abotu them on a regular basis. When positive things happen to them nothing goes published. There are thousands of gay pubs across the country yet this is the one he chooses to target on a regular basis. Why? There are so many other topics to discuss and so many other things to focus on in the community than to post constantly about your former employer to the point where it makes him look like a bitter queen with an axe to grind.

  • Brian

    Yes the paper came out all 24 pages of it. Yawn. They would have made more $ not printing at all.

  • Brian

    I just heard the toilet say, “Hello, Blade.”
    This from their website..

    New England Blade Print Edition on Hiatus

    Hurry up and cash those checks, guys!

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