Wanted: Gay Bar Attacker

Jacob Robida

Early this morning 18-year old Jacob D. Robida walked into a gay bar in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He then proceeded to not only pull out a hatchet and a machete, but a handgun too, attacking several patrons and putting three of them in the hospital. Yes, this is undoubtedly a hate crime committed by a walking tool shed.

The events as they occurred:

The bartender said the man came into the bar, ordered a drink, and asked if it was a gay bar. He was told that it was.

A few minutes later, the man drifted to the rear of the bar where two patrons were playing pool, the bartender said.
Moments later, the suspect began attacking the men playing pool, pulled out a hatchet and attacked one patron, the bartender said. Another patron who tried to intervene was attacked with the hatchet.

The bartender said a group of patrons wrestled the man to the ground, but he pulled out a gun. He said the gunman fired one round in the air and then started shooting at the patrons. Police said two men were shot in the torso and one man suffered deep lacerations to this head. Two of the victims are being treated at Boston hospitals and another is being treated at St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford.

Robida escaped and was last seen wearing the official crazy person uniform, a black trench coat, driving a 1999 green Pontiac Grand Am with a Massachusetts license plate, 85E-C58. Let’s get this guy. He shouldn’t be too hard to find. Just follow the trail of scattered weapons.

Police identify suspect in New Bedford bar attack [The Boston Globe]