Washington’s Wise Words

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Isaiah Washington will be doing double duty tonight. Not only does the faggot-flinging actor’s popular medical drama end its season, but Washington will also be appearing in his well-publicized GLAAD-sponsored public service announcements. The 30-second commercials are as much the actor’s attempt to make up for inadvertently outing costar TR Knight, as a go at public penance.

No word on whether the public will buy it, but GLAAD has released the text from Washington’s socially-conscious slot:

Words have power. The power to express love, happiness and joy. They also have the power to heal. When you use words that demean a person because of their sexual orientation, race or gender, you send a message of hate. A very powerful message. But we all have the power to demand better from one another and from ourselves. We have the power to heal and change the world by the words we use.

Of the PSA’s, GLAAD president Neil Giuliano says,

When Isaiah Washington lends his voice to that message – when he acknowledges the personal responsibility that he and each of us have to create a culture that rejects prejudice – it advances the kind of dialogue that’s absolutely essential to changing hearts and minds.

But is Washington really taking personal responsibility or is he just delivering a publicist-endorsed message? Although, with rumors flying that Washington won’t be returning to Grey’s, he better take all the screen time he can get!