WATCH: 85-Year-Old Grandma Doesn’t Care Her Grandson Is Gay As Long As He’s Happy

Talk show host David Rubin sat down with his sassy octogenarian grandma Elaine to discuss life and love, as one is wont to do with one’s 85-year-old grandmother.

Elaine — who, for the record, does not feel old (or look it, Miss Thing) but simply “happy to be alive” — barely remembers that her grandson is gay and couldn’t care less. “If you’re happy that’s all that counts,” she says.”You’re a good person and that’s all that counts.” She then hits this perfect Arthurian take:


“How many people aren’t gay and they’re stinkers?”

Bea Arthur that is. She’s already got the kimono, and yet her gay grandson neglected to provide a cheesecake.