WATCH: A Heartbreaking Tale of Ex-Gay “Therapy”—With A Happy Ending

Now that California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill to outlaw reparative therapy, we’ll hopefully be hearing fewer stories like the one above.  Mathew Shurka, 24, explains how when he was 16 he was pressured into “therapy” by his father, who flew him out to California to work with a counselor who promised to turn him heterosexual in six weeks. (Six weeks!)

The therapy—essentially training Mathew to walk and dress “straighter”—went on for five years, unsuccessfully (as if we needed to tell you that). Finally, at age 23, Matthew accepted himself as “who I am and always have been.” Mat seems to be doing a lot better, speaking openly about his experience in this unique It Gets Better video.

Source: Box Turtle Bulletin